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Are you ready to consciously attract more happiness, success and personal fulfillment in your life? Are you interested in contributing to the well-being of our society and planet? Do you appreciate a practical, grounded approach combined with an energetic, intuitive approach to life? 

Personal Growth Network (PGN) is now a part of "CommUnify" whose mission is to provide community building opportunities to you.

As a member of PGN you can enjoy heart-felt social connections, a wide-spread support network, and your choice of a broad selection of diverse tools and techniques through parties, classes, workshops, and study groups, online. We invite you to join the fun and expand your life with like-minded and like-hearted people.

Join our over 4800 member community both online and offline.  We hope you'll let us know what kind of offerings you'd like to see and just how we can best serve you!

Are you a personal growth and development leader, teacher, and/or facilitator?  We are always looking for new Hub Leaders and Event Organizers. Through our collaboration we offer you marketing assistance, event support and look forward to a rewarding relationship. Contact Janet Dwinells for more information. janet@communify.live

We welcome:
• Home-grown approaches, developed by local members and drawn from many disciplines.
• Study groups: interest groups, support groups, mastermind groups, book clubs.
• Social events that combine connection, fun, and experiential learning.
• Formal presentations: classes, workshops, retreats, seminars.

At PGN, we are all explorers of life together.
~ Cliff Bodenweiser
President - Personal Growth Network 

Upcoming events (4+)

Relationship Lab for Empaths

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A playful and supportive workshop for empaths who want to sweeten their experience in romantic relationships.

About this event
Relationship Lab supports you to create romantic relationships where you feel empowered, seen, and free to be your most authentic self.

Facilitated by a professional coach, the Lab is a welcoming place to bring your big scary questions: the things you worry about sharing with a partner or want to stop belaboring with your friends.

Each session is a little different but you can expect to get support to transform your usual patterns in relationships and connect with likeminded empaths who share similar goals and dreams.

Important! You can sign up by clicking here. The registration is on eventbrite.

Relationship Lab is for you if:

  • You are very good at recognizing what other people need but less skillful at knowing what you deeply want, or how to create it.
  • You focus more on what a partner might feel than your own experience.
  • You often feeling unseen, frustrated, or like you’re doing a lot of work in relationships.
  • You would love to experience more ease and playfulness in connection.
  • You tend to feel that you “lose a sense of self” in relationships.
  • Conflict feels like something to be avoided, rather than a connective possibility for greater love.

A typical Relationship Lab might include:

  • Partnered and group practices to develop ease and freedom in recognizing and asking for what you really want.
  • Developing the skill to use your gift as an empath to hold space for others while also remaining true to your own vision and needs.
  • Exercises to discover new layers of your own desire and boundaries.
  • The opportunity to bring up questions or challenges you are struggling with. A few individuals will be able to receive direct coaching support in the Lab.

Everyone is welcome in the Lab, regardless of relationship status, gender, sexual orientation, or dating preferences. My sessions always center choice, consent and personal sovereignty. I am kink and poly literate. Access is important to me. Please contact me with any accessibility questions or concerns.

Important! You can click here to sign up. The registration is on eventbrite.

Who am I?
Nick Shrewsbury will be leading this Lab series. I am an empath and a professional coach, yoga teacher, and sex educator. The practices that I teach here are ones that really helped to transform my relationships to bring in far more ease and joy. I love to laugh and would not do this workshop if it wasn't both playful and deeply authentic! You can learn more about me on my website.

**Participants who love this experience will have the opportunity to learn more about the next cohort of my four-month program for empaths, TruthFire.**

The Surround--The place for men to connect

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The Surround provides a brave space for men to connect and be listened to. All men are welcome.

For over 12 years, participants have experienced more freedom and effectiveness in relationships, work, and life.

The purpose of The Surround is to activate you to explore your life by connecting with, trusting with, and listening with men so that you experience greater freedom, power, love, and peace in relationship.

The creator/leader is Alan Cantor who is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Director, and Coach. Topics include commitment, listening, ego, faith, trust, connection, gratitude, and many others related to men's lives.

We meet weekly, Tuesdays 7-9 PM eastern on Zoom. Your first two meetings are free. Ongoing tuition is $84 per month.

The Art and Importance of Keeping Your Word

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We all know the trust that is lost when someone breaks their word. But are we paying attention to the impact when we break our word to ourselves?
In this interactive workshop you will understand how to improve your life by giving and keeping your word more effectively.
If you want to

  • Improve self trust and self esteem
  • Improve your relationships
  • Learn how to (start to) say NO.
  • Learn how to set up a project where you can win.

Join us!

This zoom workshop is part of the Living Loving workshop series run by Insight Seminars. InsightBoston.org

Workshops run the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Thursday of each month with a variety of presenters and subjects. Sign up for all of them!

Upcoming -

Thursday, June 15 - Experiencing Joy
Wednesday July 5 - Power of Intention

TONIGHT!!! The Heart and Art of Relationships

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What if all your relationships were healthy and meaningful?

It all starts with that relationship with YOU! In this 90 minute session you will understand:

  • How to trust your own needs, wants, and creative solutions
  • How get what you want! (communication skills)
  • How to forgive, recognize other's limits and not take things personally
  • How to be recognized for your worth and value

This zoom workshop is part of the Living Loving workshop series run by Insight Seminars. InsightBoston.org

Workshops run the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Thursday of each month with a variety of presenters and subjects. Sign up for all of them!

Upcoming -
Thursday, May 18 - Surrendering Guilt & Resentment
Wednesday, June 7 - The Art & Importance of Keeping Your Word
Thursday, June 15 - Experiencing Joy
Wednesday July 5 - Power of Intention

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Sunday Free Online Guided Meditation: Learn, practice and relax

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