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First and Foremost SAFETY! Please follow your state's Covid guidelines for in person events. Please take precautions, practice Self-Care, and enjoy online offerings as much as possible to learn and grow!

Are you ready to consciously attract more happiness, success and personal fulfillment in your life? Are you interested in contributing to the well-being of our society and planet? Do you appreciate a practical, grounded approach combined with an energetic, intuitive approach to life?

The Personal Growth Network (PGN) provides you with heart-felt social connections, a wide-spread support network, and your choice of a broad selection of diverse tools and techniques through parties, classes, workshops, and study groups, online. We invite you to join the fun and expand your life with like-minded and like-hearted people.

Join our over 4400 member community both online and offline. We have a Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PGNCommunity/) and an evolving New platform (https://pgn.sutra.co/) that will continue to provide an empowering experience for all members. We hope you'll join in and let us know how we can best serve you!

PGN is expanding! We have a vibrant community in the Boston area and have branched out to NYC and Richmond VA as part of our mission to create a globally-connected supportive community of conscious members.

Are you a personal growth and development leader, teacher, and/or facilitator? We are always looking for new Hub Leaders and Event Organizers. Through our collaboration we offer you marketing assistance, event support and look forward to a rewarding relationship. Contact Janet Dwinells for more information.

We welcome:

• Home-grown approaches, developed by local members and drawn from many disciplines.

• Study groups: interest groups, support groups, mastermind groups, book clubs.

• Social events that combine connection, fun, and experiential learning.

• Formal presentations: classes, workshops, retreats, seminars.

At PGN, we are all explorers of life together.

~ Cliff Bodenweiser
President - Personal Growth Network

Upcoming events (4+)

Moon Audit Zoom Offering

Online event

Moon Audit
Zoom Event

Closing cycles are what the offerings of Moon audit will support. We will be in a container of trust and safety to be witness to one another's challenges and triumphs. We will audit last month, close the cycles of it, and make intentions for the upcoming one.

One of the intentions for me offering this aside from creating clarity and being lighter in mind and body is to train ourselves to complete stress cycles. Most times people deny, have aversion to, or think they can fix their feelings. If the body doesn't process the feelings properly, it doesn't finish the stress cycle. Leaving the cycle open keeps the survivor response activated in the unconcious mind.

The more we practice letting go in different ways, the better we get at it. Let's flex this purging muscle together.

There will be:
a Toltec cycle closing experience
Shamanic Drum journey
Open support circle
& whatever flies in from guidance

This circle will be offered monthly, leading up to a year end audit of purge and intention experiences.

For Paulo Coehlo's full blog post on cycles please follow the link:

January 27,[masked]pm EST
Energy Exchange Sliding Scale $22-$33
Email: [masked]

Love & blessings,


Resolutions Re-Set

Online event

It's true... new year's resolutions have a reputation of fizzling out.
We lose steam on our motivation.
Sometimes we never even get traction in the first place.

There's a reason for that -- actually there's three.

Join us for this FREE on-line interactive workshop (via Zoom) where we'll explore three game-changing keys that unlock your follow-through power so you can translate your good intentions into the reality of your actual day to day life.

Let this be the year you shift from shoulds, frustration and disappointment to inspired and confident momentum all year long.

CLICK HERE TO Sign Up and receive the Zoom link:

Saturday, January 29
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM (EST)

This workshop is being offered by Katrina Piehler.
Katrina is a certified wellness coach and licensed massage therapist. She specializes in helping busy, professional, mid-life women who are struggling with the build-up of stress in their lives - the ways it shows up in their bodies, their eating habits, their sleep concerns.

Known for her down to earth approach, she is passionate about helping people figure out what works personally for them in their busy, day to day lives — so that they can feel less stuck on life’s reactive rollercoaster and more empowered with inner resilience.

Through her practice, Living from Center, she provides individualized wellness strategy coaching as well as bodywork support. She also leads inspiring classes and group programs on body self care, healthy habit strategies and intentional living.

You can follow and learn more about Katrina and her work here:

Sunday Free Online Guided Meditation: Learn, practice and relax

Online event

Meditate, meet and get motivated.
Meditation that you can use. Meditate for spiritual awakening, stress care, personal development, health...

How to join?
Please click on 'Attend Online' to get Zoom link

We recommend joining by laptop for better experience. All levels welcome.
You will find experience of this online class very real life like and in fact more attentive and personal

Facebook for more resources- more live events, recorded sessions, self learning units, mentorship, downloads..... Join now!


What meditation technique is used?

The gentle and easy technique shared is known as 'Sahaja Yoga' meditation and is practiced in more than 100 countries and is always free. It was founded in 1970 by- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. When practiced for 10 minutes a day it can lead to dramatic positive change in your personal life - even after one week of practice!

More at:

Expected Outcome of class?

1. Learn how to meditate at home
2. Learn best practices and techniques
3. Experience the 'awakening' of healing energy within us that gives peace and balance
4. Sahaja Yoga meditation toolkit resources to apply techniques learnt in daily life

What happens after this class?

These recurring classes are meant to come together and meditate and learn little by little, so please plan to join them every week for growth in your meditative state and practice. You are equipped with knowledge to start practicing from day 1. As you join us for subsequent classes you are taken forward in meditation practice. In case you are unable to join a class, don't worry and rejoin any time and you can always start afresh.

Do share this event with you friends, colleagues, neighbors and loved ones. It may change their life and it may be the best gift they ever got :).

Need Help?

Please feel free to email or WhatsApp following in case you have more questions or face difficulties joining Zoom session. We will try to keep you informed about more meditation events.
Stay safe and keep meditating!

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Living from Spirit's Perspective: Book discussion group

Online event




Jan. 30th topic: Chapter three -The Doorway of the Body

8 Sunday mornings, 10:00 - 11:00/11:30 am, Jan. 16 - March 6, via Zoom, only $20 TOTAL for all 8 weeks

PAYPAL LINK FOR 8 WEEK MEETUP: https://bit.ly/bookdiscussionfee

• Do you feel great when you meditate, or do yoga, or have time to play or relax, but slip right back out as soon as you re-enter your “reality”?

What would it be like to move through your day from the greater, unlimited perspective and infinite, joy-filled possibilities of Spirit, rather than your smaller, survival, reactive, fear-based self? Would you like to have easy access to that, like simple Doorways to the Soul you can just open and step into?

This book provides easy-to-learn, easy-to-use strategies to help you shift in any moment to do just that, so you can live more consistently with all the inner peace, abundance, love, ease, and joy you desire, instead of being at the effect of your outer circumstances and emotions.

Join the author, Ann Ide, for an inspiring, uplifting, 8-week immersion into the content of the book. One chapter will be discussed each week, with opportunities to deepen your understanding by asking questions, having stimulating, inspiring discussions, and having Ann guide you in applying the principles and processes to your own life.

You’ll need to get your own copy of the book and read the chapter for each week. It's easy reading! To view and/or download a free e-book version of this book, use the link below. (You'll need some kind of E-reader app on your device.) https://bit.ly/3H21BOF

You can also purchase either the 99 cents Kindle e-book or the $9 paperback version at these sites. You can also get a sample “look inside” the book here:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3iocwsV or Barnes and Noble (E-book only): https://bit.ly/36OzylM

To sample and enjoy the guided meditations that supplement each chapter, and to learn more about Ann, go to:

If you have questions or need to register by email, e-mail Ann at [masked]

PAYPAL LINK FOR 8 WEEK MEETUP: https://bit.ly/bookdiscussionfee

Book reviews from not- necessarily famous, but definitely wonderful people just like you:
• “I’m an avid reader of spirituality books. This book is one of the most amazing books I’ve read, and I found it to be truly unique. It made me feel really hopeful that I could make deeper, lasting changes with ease. It makes the typically lofty and philosophical more practical, the complicated easier, and makes real change and growth accessible. It’s going to change peoples’ lives. I loved it!” Dr. Annie Jackman, Network Energetics

• “This book came into my life when I really needed it, as I was dealing with some big life challenges. Using the strategies presented and the guided meditations allowed me to shift from feeling overwhelmed to feeling calm and resourceful, and I was able to see positive options and feel joyful again.
Ann writes with an easy clarity. Reading her book is like having a great conversation with a good friend who knows how to hone in on what is most meaningful, essential, and useful. She gently guides us back to what many of us know and feel in the deepest reaches of our being, but what is so easy to lose sight of in our daily lives – who we really are. She skillfully walks us through specific techniques, doorways, to re-connect with the power of Spirit within us, so we can live with more joy, inspiration, ease, and with Spirit perspective. This book is a treasure.” Susan Douglass, Social Worker

• “I first experienced Ann Ide as a masterful spiritual teacher, workshop facilitator, and coach who helped me expand beyond the small limitations I had imposed on myself. So much improved for me, it’s more than I can include here. Having read her new book, Three Doorways to the Soul, I know it will be a catalyst for change for its readers. Whether you’re a beginner at spirituality or already have a dedicated spiritual practice, this book is sure to open your life up to more ease, joy, and fulfillment.
Written in her signature soft and playful style, the book feels as if Ann is lovingly speaking only to you, and like you’re sitting in one of her 8-week programs. When reading the book, I had the awareness that the book had been birthed, co-created with the Higher Source, and in feeling that energy, there was a feeling of "sacredness" every time I opened it.
The book is enhanced with many of her beautiful, guided meditations. Chances are, you will fall in love with her voice and enjoy her meditations long after you've closed the book.” Carolyn Montalto, Executive director, Community Day Center of Waltham, MA

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