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Regular spiritual events (https://weclustr.com) and personal development workshops (https://weclustr.com) in London, suitable for those who are committed to their own spiritual growth and personal transformation.

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Confronting Fear: A Creative & Pragmatic Approach (Discount for Early Birds)

Register online: https://weclustr.com/event/confronting-fear-a-creative-and-pragmatic-approach/ About the Workshop: What kills more dreams than failure ever will? That’s right: FEAR. No matter how great or small, it is there, affecting our daily life both consciously and unconsciously. The word “fear” seems to have so many negative connotations that most of us either look upon it with disgust, guilt, self-loathing, or just deceive it and ignore it completely. But fear is part of being a human. It can be our greatest teacher. Yet we all know to ‘Feel the fear’ and do it anyway is not as easy as it sounds. The fear collective is an inspirational and pragmatic monthly workshop that practically supports participants in understanding, identifying and moving through fear. Utilising games, drama, art, and more, this colourful, interactive workshop will take you into the realm of fear, via a series of uniquely structured exercises and challenges. Crafted to suit people with varying levels of courage, from the fearful to the fearless, this fun spiritual and psychological workout is a place to meet like-minded people and overcome fear, one workshop at a time. Life begins where fear ends. So, are you ready to start living? About Tom Brooks: Tom is an experienced workshop facilitator for personal development and honest communication. Originally trained as an actor, Tom is known for creating playful, inspiring and open environments that allow people to take risks and make breakthroughs. He has been exploring spirituality for the past 10 years. Grounded in ancient spiritual practices and modern psychology, Tom’s workshops have touched lives and hearts of thousands all over the world. He believes that fulfilment emerges through the day-to-day, being in life, living and serving. It is his deep desire to not only express and lead a life of his own with more authenticity, creativity and freedom, but also serve and empower others to do so. ************************ © 2019 WeClustr.com | Change Starts From Within Alternative education on spirituality and personal development.

Full Moon Meditation

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Register online: https://weclustr.com/event/full-moon-meditation-5/ About the Event: It is time for us to find a stillness and peacefulness in our daily life. We are not tired physically, we are exhausted emotionally and mentally. It is important that we dedicate some time for us, to find some time to quieten the mind and rest. During the Full Moon meditation we will connect with the powers of Sister Moon and we will let go of what is no longer serving us. The Max Meditation System TM is based on a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and mind acrobats mixed with modern techniques of psychology and Neurolinguistic programming. “Meditation brings wisdom ; luck of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom” Buddha [masked] B.C. ) Some benefits of meditation… • Reduce stress and tension. • ‎Physical and emotional pain reduction. • ‎Gain more control over your own thoughts. • ‎Detachment of situations – LESS DRAMA! • ‎HAPPINESS AND PEACE OF MIND • ‎Increased concentration. • ‎Spontaneity and creativity . • ‎Discovering purpose of life • ‎Learn to know Thyself . • ‎Building self confidence . • ‎Enhances energy, strength and vigour • ‎Helps increase clarity • ‎Relaxation • ‎Wellbeing …… And so much more!!! If you would like to welcome some of the above benefits into your life …. Come and join us on this magical journey. I am trained in advanced Mystery School teachings and advanced spiritual training in the ancient Hermetic tradition. I created the temple space for the meditation using sacred geometry, making a space very safe and welcoming for all. This is a beautiful space to relax and rest, heal and allow love in, grow and nourish oneself. If this is calling you, come and join us, let’s meditate together. No need for any previous experience in meditation, this is guided meditation for people of all level. I am looking forward to meeting you. About Kasia Mikolajczyk: Through a combination of ancient spiritual practices and modern-day therapeutic techniques, Kasia, the founder of “Find Bliss Within” creates the space for growth and bliss to unfold. She is a Max Meditation system leader and Yoga instructor and through these practices encourages her students to explore the benefits of connection, oneness, and peace available to all. Her metaphysical teachings enable her to offer her abilities as a healer. By clearing energies that are no longer of service and creating the space for new energies to flourish, Kasia supports her clients in achieving further tranquility and well being in their daily lives. ************************ © 2019 WeClustr.com | Change Starts From Within Alternative education on spirituality and personal development.

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