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https://goo.gl/forms/MH34ZHNsra0JYxKk1 - Please fill this form out so that we can get to know you better and schedule some fun meetups in which you truly meet people you enjoy hanging out with.

Hi all!

In this increasingly isolated world, we think meeting people, making friends, and building a community around you has become increasingly hard. This is a shame.

Our experience with meetup groups hasn't worked well for us. We rarely end up meeting people that we hangout with often and build true long lasting friendships with them.

So we are trying out a different approach here. We would like you to tell us a bit about yourself using the form linked below. Then, we will organize personalized meetups with a curated set of people with whom you will most likely get along and invite you to that event. We will strive to make sure that the people you meet will have some commonalities with you, and are different than you in complementary ways - so that we can grow by learning from each other.

Here's the form to fill out:


We hope you can join us in solving this problem of making new long lasting friends!

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