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After several years of being in Corporate America, we concluded that there was a Big World out there full of Secluded Singles, Divorcees, Widowers/Widows, Empty Nesters, and Newcomers Relocating to the Tropics.

We conspired to create a Mindful Methodology and a Multi-Cultural Social Club where Humanity Replaces Technology and where Bonds can be Developed through a Kaleidoscope of Epic Events including:

Top Shelf Entertainment, Divine Getaways, Workshops, Wellness Programs, Theater, Reiki, Lectures, Concerts, Music Festivals, Photo Tours, Passion Projects, Mystery Nights

Personas of the Tropics LLC will Foster and Restore what our society has Discarded and Diminished.

In this current world dominated by Social media, and a Frenzied culture full of Judgement and Narcissism, it was immensely important to us to curate an organization that makes an impact on peoples lives.

Our Un-Assuming Forum will unlock the Traditional Core Values that used to matter, which includes Showing Respect to one another, Re-Aligning our Moral Compasses and Mastering the Bond of Friendship.

As we all are aware, Inspiration Begins with a Change of Scenery, so this is our Personal Invitation to join us on our Journey where we can help one another Rediscover, Reinvent and Reclaim our Talents and Creativity Collectively.

It is our sincere goal and initiative to Donate Ten Percent of all proceeds to Local Charities.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to meet you in the near future. Please visit our Gallery and Events Page to Review our Upcoming Charity Events.

Warmest Regards,

Susan Clark & J.R. Hellman

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