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This group is for those interested or passionate about the teachings of Abraham on The Law Of Attraction, and who want to meet others for some enriching conversations on this happiness inducing topic.

This Group Is About: getting out of your own way and making life easy, creating feel good habits, learning how to create more consciously and having fun doing it! Its about enriching and supportive connections and co-creation that flows easy.

The premises this group will be built on are:

• Our emotions are our vibrational indicator of our point of attraction

• Our outer experience is a match to what is within us. Our experience is always a match to our inner world.

• The universe hears what we are feeling not what we are saying.

• The only hindrance to happiness is our own perception

• We always have a choice! How we feel is a choice. We can always choose that.

• There is no such thing as a 'negative' emotion. There is only lower and higher vibration emotions. All are important and help guide us.

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