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Do ever ever feel like despite living in a world more "connected" than ever, that you still feel alone and unheard?
Do you find it difficult to have your need for meaning fulfilled by the depth of conversation people around you are having?
Are you curious to hear perspectives of people with different experiences, and hungry for an environment where you can engage with a diversity of opinions with disagreements being respectfully encouraged?
What would it be like if we stopped to listen and try to understanding each others differences?
Inspired by, Big Talk Perth is a platform using different styles of events to facilitate connection through conversation, collaborative dialogue, personal exploration and sense making.
"With technology, it’s easy to reach a million people all over the world, yet it’s hard to have a meaningful conversation with just one person. Face-to-face social connectedness is strongly associated with well-being and happiness, but heavy use of social media platforms is associated with feelings of depression, loneliness, lower life satisfaction, and social isolation. Learning how to make Big Talk encourages thoughtful interaction, active listening, and heightened empathy. This translates into better verbal communication skills, more meaningful relationships, and a greater sense of 'mattering.'

The goal of Big Talk is to enhance interpersonal communication, respect people’s differences while honoring the commonalities of human experiences, and serve as a platform to build empathy across boundaries of difference." 
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Listen to the interview with Ashley from ABC Radio 720's Focus Perth:

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