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In each of us lives a young, suffering child.
He or she echoes our beliefs about ourselves and the world.
Also, most of the time, they drive our emotions and unconscious behaviour.
At home, at work, at the social gatherings and when we are alone with ourselves.
The inner child concept originates from Jung.
It’s a part of our unconscious that represents the child we once were.
And it has been widely used in psychotherapy as a powerful tool in helping with emotional healing and transformation.
We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma.
In order for us to survive in our childhood and to avoid shame, in order for us to belong, get love, connection and everything else we need, we as children hide our traumatic experiences and / or emotions.
To protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we often try to forget those painful times.
Every time we’re in touch with the experience of suffering, we believe we can’t bear it, and we stuff our feelings and memories deep down in our unconscious mind.
It may be that we haven’t dared to face this child for many decades.
But just because we may have ignored the child doesn’t mean she or he isn’t there.
The wounded child is always there, trying to get our attention.
The child says, “I’m here. I’m here. You can’t avoid me. You can’t run away from me.”
We want to end our suffering by sending the child to a deep place inside, and staying as far away as possible.
But running away doesn’t end our suffering; it only prolongs it.
The wounded child asks for care and love, but we do the opposite.
We run away because we’re afraid of suffering.
The block of pain and sorrow in us feels overwhelming.
Even if we have time, we don’t come home to ourselves.
We try to keep ourselves constantly entertained—watching television or movies, socializing, or using alcohol or drugs—because we don’t want to experience that suffering all over again.
The wounded child is there and we don’t even know she is there.
The wounded child in us really needs us to return.
Instead we turn away.
Healing the inner child is the focus of each group meeting.

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Love, Emotional Wounds and Relationships

South Fremantle

Relationships are the heart and soul of our expansion. They can be hard and painful AND they make the most important part of our life. Dysfunctional relationships in the adulthood are the result of developmental trauma which is the main reason people don’t know how to meet their needs for autonomy and connection. In order to heal dysfunctional relationships we have to go back to the root cause of developmental trauma, providing the unmet needs for our inner child. In our two days workshop we will be learning and rediscovering that our relationships can improve when: 1. We develop a healthy sense of self 2. We become aware of our subconscious emotional drives and triggers and make necessary changes 3. We can practice a radical honesty with ourselves and our partner 4. We use the pain in our relationship to define our values, goals, needs and desires 5. We clearly communicate to our partner what we need and want 6. We are able to have compassion and empathy for our partner’s pain, and are able to understand what they are feeling, what their wants and needs are, instead of trying to love them from our own separate perspective 7. We create ways to deeply connect and share the gift of vulnerability with our partner, developing awareness of his or hers subconscious emotional drives and triggers 8. We commit to a healthy, mature, conscious, open and authentic communication, practicing uninterrupted active listening with our partner This in depth workshop IS about facing your shadow and potentially your light. It is about You and Your Truth, your inner child, your ego, your past wounds, shadows, insecurities, attachment styles, suppressed emotions, your open heart and your empathy, your challenges within relationships, your thoughts and feelings, values, beliefs and expectations, your healthy and not so healthy patterns of thinking, behaving and communicating to your loved one(s), your listening skills, your love for yourself, your goals, needs and desires within your relationship. This workshop IS NOT about quick positivity, calm and relaxation, and fixing your partner or other family members. A raw awareness, courage and willingness to face your shadow side and to be vulnerable and open to challenge your current way of thinking and behaving, whilst letting go of coping mechanisms which kept you safe but unhappy and inauthentic in your life, is required. What you can expect from this workshop: A weekend of relationship shifts and transformations – through inner child connection and heart opening, through deep, intense, soulful, mindful and conscious work on your own, in pairs and in the group – a weekend of total cleansing and healing on conscious and unconscious level. As I am famous for giving Loads of homework – I believe TRUE TRANSFORMATION comes with – THE PRACTICE ( for listening / watching there is always YouTube ) this workshop is only for those who are ready for some hard WORK! Who can benefit from this workshop? Absolutely EVERYONE – Singles and Couples. You don’t have to be in a relationship to come to the workshop. If you are married or in a relationship, you can but don’t have to bring your partner along. PROGRAM: Saturday 09:00 – 17:00 Workshop ( with the breaks for lunch / coffee ) Sunday 09:00 – 17:00 Workshop ( with the breaks for lunch / coffee ) Super Early Bird price for the weekend workshop is $255 per person before January 31st, 2021. Early Bird price for the weekend workshop is $295 per person before March 1st, 2021. Lazy Bird Price for the weekend workshop is $345 per person Venue Location: South Fremantle ( at the private address which will be sent upon registration ) This workshop is non-refundable from the date of purchase. Sounds good, but still not sure? Email me at [masked] and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Website: http://www.angelicahorvatic.com https://www.facebook.com/AngelicaHorvatic/reviews/

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Deepen your Relationship with your Body and Food

South Fremantle

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