Macro, Meditation and Mindfulness

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When was the last time you had a little 'me' time? To take some time out and just pause in nature and relax?

This event is for complete beginners - you don't even need to have a camera!

Meditation - starting with an essential oil meditation to switch off the mind;

Macro - you will receive a set of 3 lenses for your phone that you can use and KEEP!

Mindfulness - you'll be stepped through the basics of mindfulness and the meditation will ensure you are in the present moment. Then explore the bush around us and see what you can find, practising being completely present with the bush, wildlife and each other.

Starting under the trees in the park for our meditation, we will then move to the Wetlands Walk bush trail, then follow the path around to the Bidi Katitjiny Aboriginal Women's Trail, then end with the Sculpture Walk and lake.

If meditation is something that you haven't tried before or are unsure about, this simple meditation is a good one to try. Incorporating essential oils to stimulate the senses and energy you will be gently walked through the meditation process, in a safe space by an experienced leader - Laine Maria. Cushions and blankets to sit on will be provided.

A photo walk is just that - a walk that allows you an opportunity to take photos in an interactive environment. To facilitate the mindfulness aspect of the day, during the photo walk, you are always welcome to approach Cyrus to ask your questions about technique and how to take better photos, from basics to advanced.

Piney Lakes Reserve is a peaceful and beautiful 68-hectare space for conservation and recreation, located in the southern suburb of Winthrop. 50 hectares of native bushland and wetlands occupy the northern and western parts of Piney Lakes.

Noongar Aboriginal people of the Beeliar group have a strong connection with the area occupied by Piney Lakes. It is a particularly sacred place for Aboriginal women, who gathered and performed ceremonies there. Visitors to Piney Lakes can take a self-guided tour along the Bidi Katitjiny Aboriginal Women's Trail and find out more about the area’s natural plant and animal resources.


How to attach your lenses
The basics of macro phone photography
Learning & technique to practice on the day may include....
• How to create bokeh (beautiful blurry backgrounds).
• Finding interesting shots from challenging lighting conditions.
• How to create art with composition.
• How to identify and capture beauty in a photograph.
• Working with light and backgrounds.
• Nature closeups & interesting patterns.

You are free to either follow the general group or to wander around and return when you have a question.


• Closed shoes
• A smart phone with a camera and free memory space.
• A bottle of water (optional).
• A mini notepad and pen (optional).

All Children under 17 yrs old must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Event still goes ahead with bad weather, unless postponed by Cyrus/Laine.



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