UFO Phenomena- Spiritual Hierarchy ?

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Theosophical Meeting Hall

21 Glendower Street, · Perth

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This presentation explores the idea of a higher evolution transmitting messages to humanity. Is it possible? What are the messages? Searching for the truth about UFOs and aliens can bring a glimpse of a greater reality. Ideas such as this or a “personal mystical experience” can lead to an expanded understanding on the true nature of our existence. It may be known that as “earthlings” we live a physical existence, existing on a common vibrational field. Other fields, other worlds or realities are claimed to exist and have been talked about by many notables including Stephen Hawking, Jon Lennon, Steven Greer, and Professor Michio Kaku. For most of us, the higher vibrational realities are closed off to normal perception.

Messages we receive today about “extra-terrestrials’” can be confusing. What should we believe? We may be told that we are in a transitional period; can it be that we are poised for a quantum leap forward on both biological and spiritual levels? No doubt the human soul will evolve, but exactly how will this play out? What is needed now, and are we truly willing to move forward? Coping with this greater reality, this greater understanding can demand an expansion of consciousness and no doubt a great emotional strength. So, what do you think? Your opinion and insight is valuable, share the experience, ideas and notions.