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What we’re about

Welcome to Perth Professional Bloggers & Online Business Owners! Let's get together to share ideas, tips, and tricks for growing our businesses in a changing world.


This meetup group is for you if:<br>- You run an online business, e.g. professional blogging, marketing, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, SaaS.<br>- Your business already has some traction, making $1,000/mo or more<br>- You want to connect with other successful business owners who you can learn from.


Come join us and we can all learn from each other. The kind of topics we'll discuss are:<br>- Growing your traffic with SEO, content marketing, CPC ads<br>- Freeing up your time by outsourcing jobs to freelancers<br>- Monetising your traffic with ads, affiliates, products, & services<br>- Boosting your eCommerce with fulfillment/dropshipping strategies & conversion rate optimisation

This is NOT a group for:<br>- Selling services to each other<br>- Online business newbies. Come join us when you've got traction :-)


About the organisers:<br>Hi, we're Steph and Tobias! We have been running an online business since 2009, and made the leap from side-hustle to full time in 2013. We have experience in content marketing, ad-monetisation, SEO, e-commerce, & software development. We want to learn more about CPC ads, dropshipping/fulfillment strategies, and outsourcing (writers, designers etc). We've recently moved to Perth from the UK and are looking to connect with other web business owners to share ideas and encouragement as we all work to grow our businesses.