HR Tech Founder, Speaker, Recruiting BrainFood Founder - Hung Lee


Who is Hung Lee?

He founded this sweet tool called It helps employers find tech people without the bombardment that tech people get from traditional methods. If you recruit tech folk, check it out.

Hung also founded and curates Recruiting Brainfood. An awesome weekly digest of all things TA. Get some awesome food here:

Hung is speaking at the upcoming Melbourne RecFest Event and is stopping over in Perth to hang out and maybe get a Quokka Selfie. What's RecFest?

Why come and see/hear from Hung? He loves TA and Tech. He has a global view of whats trending, whats not, and challenges the why.

This event is targeted at In-house Talent Acquisition Leaders/Practitioners and HR Leaders who don't have a dedicated TA Team.

With a maximum capacity of 50 people, please RSVP and if you are no longer able to attend please advise as soon as possible.

(Note, with a few folks not listed in the group attending, we've hit the 50 attendees. But we'll open a Wait List and anyone declining their invite in the next week, we can revert back to those on the waitlist. Please message us to confirm your interest to be on a Waitlist).

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