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This group provides an opportunity to get together with other local iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/Apple TV app programmers & designers and ask questions, share techniques, show off gadgets, and drink beer.

We generally one run meetup a month at Spacecubed where we have members or visiting experts presenting on topics of interest.

Don't feel you need to be an Objective-C or Swift guru to join - developers of all skill levels and non-techies with a keen interest in app development are welcome.

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Scheming up a new approach to cross-platform logic


"If you can’t say something nice, then you might have a lisp" - Anon

Traditionally, 'write once, run on Android and iOS' meant all-in adoption of a heavyweight mobile abstraction platform like React Native or Flutter, but what if there was a better way? More importantly, what if it let you use "the only computer language that is beautiful"? (according to Neal Stephenson)

Mike Mee has been working on a better approach for platform independent logic using Scheme embedded via GNU Guile - he’ll take us through what he’s learned and the benefits and drawbacks of this model.

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