Foundations of Yoga | Drop in class (w/ Melissa)


South Perth Foreshore left of Coode St and Fun Cats

Sir James Mitchel Park South Perth Foreshore · Perth

How to find us

Once at the end of Coode Street, facing the river, walk left all the way across the car parks and you will spot a group of people with yoga mats under the 3 paper-bark trees. The Google pin lists the location exactly:

Location image of event venue


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This class is for beginners and people who do not always feel so strong in their practice as well as those of you wishing to revisit the foundations of Pathanjali's teachings of yoga.

Melissa is there to start you off at an easy pace to reinforce and teach you asanas (postures) in a compassionate way to your body, particularly when first learning or returning to yoga for some time.

You will also learn other important aspects of yoga as you become ready, including Pranayama, Bandha (core muscular, energy locks) and basic Mudras (hand and body gestures) to step you up a level in the other classes that you attend with us and at other studios.

See the river, the sun drifting off and your worries melt away as you get to Shavasana. Lead by Melissa Wheeler, originally from Canada. Melissa was trained at the Sri Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India. Melissa's class, together with Sue's Hatha class on Wednesday and Lamb's Ashtanga classes on Sunday, completed the offering to start you off gently on a Monday and have you floating into a handstand by Sunday morning ;).

Join us at the usual spot on the South Perth Foreshore by the river on Monday at 5.30pm. As with all our classes, concession holders that apply using our form can give a donation to attend this class 🙏

Please note members who opt to pay by donation need to submit a concession application form and be approved to pay by donation:

♧ Single class (75mins)
Adults $10 | 2 Adults $18
♧ Karma Cards (multi-use passes)
5 pass $45 | 10 pass $80
6 months $265 | 12 months $442


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