Kunjal Kriya - Yoga / Stomach Cleanse | 9.15AM (with Lamb & Will)

South Perth Foreshore left of Coode St and Fun Cats

Sir James Mitchel Park South Perth Foreshore · Perth

How to find us

Once at the end of Coode Street, facing the river, walk left all the way across the car parks and you will spot a group of people with yoga mats under the 3 paper-bark trees. The Google pin lists the location exactly: https://goo.gl/maps/j5G3cwCVgjF2

Location image of event venue


It's that time again people! Join us for this free opportunity to get professional guidance clearing out the bile and toxins from your stomach, the traditional yoga way.

The event is free and the challenge one of overcoming mental conditioning. Google Kynjal Kriya for an idea of what to expect!

We do the yoga spu every year and this is our 3rd year. Lamb has facilitated the teaching of the Kriya in many Teacher Trainings in India and we have supporters there so you are in safe hands.

If you are about to do a detox, cleanse your system back to zeo first.

See you there ☺

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