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What we’re about

We are a group of people with a common interest in using scientific inquiry, reason, and critical thinking to evaluate claims and answer questions about our universe and everything in it.
What to expect of Perth Skeptics members: Many of us are not scientists, but are familiar with the tools needed to evaluate knowledge claims, evidence and the logic of arguments. We recognise that absolute certainty isn't possible, but probabilities allow us to make meaningful decisions about claims. Evaluation of all the evidence is often impossible, in which case, we rely on scientific consensus for answers. Some questions may not yet have science-based answers or even be answerable. Accordingly we don't make up answers when there are none, but accept the answer is not known and remain open to credible evidence.
Being a skeptic means that we acknowledge these limitations - in some cases it means being comfortable when there is uncertainty. Skeptics do not believe in conspiracy theories for the simple reason that they rely on a complex web of assumptions (defying Occam's razor – the principle that among competing hypotheses, the one that requires the fewest assumptions should be selected), such as all of those supposedly involved in the conspiracy are perfect secret keepers. This means that we DO accept that man landed on the moon, humans have caused global warming/climate change, the “9/11” terror attacks were caused by terrorists, that fluoride is beneficial in drinking water and that vaccines are beneficial and as safe as any other form of medical treatment. Because of our appreciation of the self-correcting nature of science, we accept evidence-based medicine as the best form of health care and DON’T accept so-called “alternative medicines”. Acupuncture, Reiki, naturopathy, Chinese medicine or any other form of supplementary/complementary/alternative medicine is, in fact, no better than placebo and, in some cases, actually dangerous.
We look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.

Code of Conduct at Perth Skeptics events
Perth Skeptics (PS) events are organised with the aim that everyone has a good time and learns something. We welcome people from all backgrounds (ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or abilities). We want everyone to feel comfortable and ask that all who attend our events respect this diversity.
Accordingly, we require all attendees, presenters and organisers at PS events to note and comply with the code of conduct to be found here

Perth Skeptics reserves the right to exclude entry to or remove any person who breaches this code from the event in question without a refund, and to exclude that person from attending future PS events. We will report illegal conduct to the police.
Have a problem and need help?
Please come and talk to one of our event organisers, or message through Meetup/Facebook
We assure you that your concerns will be taken seriously and treated with respect. Coming forward does not mean you have to make a formal complaint and anything you raise will be kept confidential if you wish.
Affiliated Groups
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