What we're about

Do you fix, medicate, babysit, transport, train, or rescue animals? We are your team-mates. Let's Network!

Pets are now taking the place as people's children and life long companions.

* KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING: As the industry grows there is no way for one person to know what is out there, changing trends in other fields, new and better ways to handle old issues, and so much more to help their clients succeed in being great pet parents and families.

* FUN! NETWORK! CONNECT! Being experts in our own fields leaves us little time to keep up on the changes in other specialties. Here is a fun way to do that.

* RESOURCES! PROMOTE YOU! Let's share not only what we do but find some terrific resources to share with our clients. We will also have one person give a short talk on something new that is happening in their field so we all stay current and excited about this magical industry.

I INVITE YOU TO JOIN US ASAP: Come and join in this fun relaxing time and meet & greet so many of us who are also passionate about animals.

See you soon!

Aminah, Organizer

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