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Petach-tikva Innovation Center - The Nest, promoting a home for local entrepreneurs that will include working space and meeting rooms.

The Nest - the Innovation Center in Petah Tikva, was established in 2015 in order to provide entrepreneurs with practical knowledge and tools for creative initiatives and personal advancement. The center acts as a “one stop shop” by offering a wide variety of services and resources, as well as providing guidance for any kind of inquiry regarding business and entrepreneurial issues.

The nest will hold an acceleration program for innovators, as well as technology and business oriented Meetups and classes. Establishing the perfect Ecosystem for innovators: Technology and Business connection to the large companies in petach-tikva: Oracle, Inner-Active, Esop, Ctera, Cadence, Rabin hospital center, ESOP, Strauss, Cellbright, CyberArk, Connections to Investments funds, Mentoring & consulting ; Technology Lectures every week. Our Motto: Don't Predict the Future - Invent it!

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The Nest 6 Years Celebration


The Nest - הבית ליזמים צעירים
מציינים 6 שנות פעילות באירוע המרכזי בשבוע היזמות העולמי!!
מוזמנים לארוע עם יזמים מעוררי השראה של חברות מדהימות הפועלות בפתח תקוה!!

Keren Levy, President and GM of Merchant Services at Payoneer
How Payoneer built a truly global brand and organization

Gil Shavit, Co-Founder & CBDO at GenCell Ltd
"עמק המימן" בארץ ובעולם
Michal Gordon , Director Of Strategic Partnerships at Watergen Ltd
Future Source of Water
Liat Cinamon, VP Business Development & Marketing at DouxMatok
Incredo-ble way to reduce sugar
הכניסה לאירוע לבעלי תו ירוק, אנא מלאו פרטים אישיים בטופס המצורף (שם פרטי+ שם משפחה)+ מספר רכב לחניה בחניון בנין payoneer לטובת הזדהות בכניסה לאירוע

Keren Levy - How Payoneer built a truly global brand and organization

From Petah Tikva to the world, Payoneer has been on quite the journey! Over the past 16 years, Payoneer has built a trusted brand, serving millions of customers worldwide, from SMBs in emerging markets through to the largest digital brands in the world. With its team based in over 25 locations worldwide and a truly localized business, Payoneer has shown how customer centricity is a key value in establishing yourself as a global brand, even with a pandemic. And now as a public company, the opportunity is even greater. In this session, Payoneer’s President Keren Levy will share how good strategy and culture can turn your vision into a global brand.

Gil Shavit - עמק המימן בארץ ובעולם
GenCell develops unique fuel cell solutions that offer clean power for humanity
ג'נסל אנרג'י מפתחת, מייצרת ומשווקת תאי דלק אמינים וירוקים אשר מייצרים חשמל בצורה אלקטרוכימית ממימן וחמצן עם תוצרי לוואי יחידים מים וחום. הסיור יתקיים באולמות הייצור ללמוד מה זה תא דלק וכיצד הוא יכול להוות מהפכה בשוק האנרגיה ע"מ להאבק במשבר האלקים ע"י אספקת מקור אנרגיה לגיבוי ולצרכים מחוץ לרשת החשמל במטרה לסייע או החליף את הגנרטור דיזל המזהם

Michael Gordon - Future Source of Water
As populations around the world increasingly struggle to access clean, natural water, at Watergen we have come up with a game-changing solution that uses humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water.

Our innovative technology taps into the atmosphere – an unlimited, freely-available resource – to provide drinking water to people everywhere, from the most remote rural village communities to commercial office buildings to private homes.

In a few short years, we have become a global leader in the development and implementation of water-from-air solutions based on our proprietary cutting-edge, patented GENius technology. Our water generators come in a range of sizes to suit cities, villages, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, offices, residential buildings, private homes and more. They all produce the safest, cleanest and freshest-tasting drinking water, improving the quality of life, and even saving the lives, of potentially billions of people around the world.

Liat Cinamon - Incredo-ble ay to reduce sugar
DouxMatok is a VC-backed food-tech company, focusing on efficient delivery of flavors and ingredients, enabling healthier consumption of foods without compromising on taste.
We developed and patented a breakthrough sugar reduction solution based on real sugar, that can substantially reduce the amount of sugar needed in foods (between 30% to 50% reduction), while maintaining consumer preference and improving the overall product’s nutrition.
We are engaged with multiple food companies to develop products with the same great taste and overall improved nutrition.

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