What we're about

The purpose of this group is to allow members to access Wellness methods and care to enhance, maintain and restore full HEALTH and WELLBEING with modalities such as food, nutrition, non-toxic home, and other natural hands on, holistic methods.

*We will not be providing any diagnosis but will help you understand options and help answer questions you may have on a WIDE VARIETY of holistic health topics.

Meetups will help address participants questions about food, meal prep, nutritional protocols, essential oils, physical fitness, breath work, meditation, mindfullness, diets, yoga, and more. A more specific schedule may evolve but at first, we'll take your questions and go with the flow to meet your needs, answer your questions and go from there.

We welcome those who are fed up with feeling ill , want to lose weight healthfully, regain mobility, decrease pains, eliminate bloating, headaches, or any physical pains in the body and have general questions about HOW you might begin or move ahead.

If you're on a mission to help yourself be healthy and well you should attend.

At our meetup
We will have an open Q+A time for your questions.
If appropriate we'll help support and make generalized suggestions for you. We will make home care suggestions and or suggest how we can work together to support you.

We have a big tool box of education information and professional options available and would love to help you to get the help and support you need.

The functional health, nutrition and wellness provider has over 4 decades of both a personal health healing journey and a healing private practice.
She has healed herself from a handful of health problems that mainstream methods couldn't address, and successfully assisted people of all ages regain the source of their health naturally.

We welcome you and look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and getting to know you better.

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