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This is Peter's group.

This is a men's sand doubles volleyball group for intermediate to advanced level outdoor beach doubles volleyball players. To ensure consistent and competitive play, membership in this group is at the discretion of the organizer. If you are interested in joining, submit your application and answer all the questions.

There is no membership fee, but we rent courts for most events and split the cost between attendees.

Some events will be scheduled outside meetup.

Goals of the group:

Consistency. Members are all of similar intermediate to advanced skill level (bordering A and AA).

Reliability. Event policies make events predictable and members are responsible for adhering to them.

Maximize Court Time. We limit attendance to maximize court time.

Men's Beach Doubles. We play this format exclusively.

Small group of regular players. Inactive members are regularly purged from the group.

Play outdoor year-round! Winter Warriors Welcome! Thanks to our North Carolina climate, hardcore members play year-round down to temperatures as low as 45 degrees. Sand Socks are recommended.

Should I join this group?

Are you a solid intermediate-level volleyball player right now, today?

Are you comfortable and competitive playing Men's Beach Doubles?

Can you commit to playing with us at least once per month?

Can you play by the AVP beach rules?

Will you reliably show up on time and stay for a minimum of two hours per event?

Will you treat all members equally and play with or against them respectfully and with good sportsmanship?

If you can answer Yes! to the above questions, then this group is for you!

General Guidelines

All of the rules and policies below are general guidelines and can be changed by Organizers. These rules are based on a few unspoken rules and goals of the group. All participants are strongly encouraged to actively participate in meetups and discussions. This gives us the opportunity to communicate play times and organize other volleyball activities.

BIO Policies

While constructive suggestions are always welcome, there will be zero tolerance of members abusing the organizers, complaining, gossiping, or making life difficult. The organizers will remove such members from the group at their sole discretion.

We are not an open play group. When we’re playing, please do not invite other folks to walk-on without first checking with the event host. Current members are encouraged to invite and RSVP guests of a similar skill level to join us at one of our events. If you invite a guest, it is your responsibility to ensure that they show up on time and follow all event rules.

Court behavior, dress and language must be respectful of all participants and spectators. Remember that our behavior is at times being closely watched by visitors to the parks where we play. Let's show outsiders the true spirit of the sport and model sportsmanship and goodwill at all times.

We play volleyball because we love the sport. We love volleyball because it's fun. Therefore, Volleyball is a fun sport. Let's keep it that way.

Although we seek solid intermediate-level players, we all play at slightly different levels and have different strengths and weaknesses (as well as good days and bad days). Be patient and helpful to all players. Remember that each of us started playing somewhere and we were not as proficient at the sport as we are today. Give back to the sport you love by teaching and helping others improve their game. That said, a consistent level of proficiency is expected of all BIO members and guests.

Men's Beach Doubles.

Other Information
We play at a variety of locations around the Triangle, but we're not an association of any sort so of course we have no affiliation with the park systems. We get together in public parks to play volleyball.

Play at your own risk! We're not a team or a league or an organization of any sort and we don't have insurance, or a reserved spot for us to play. We're getting together for potentially competitive volleyball and assume no liability for anything. By joining this meetup, or continuing as a member of this meetup, you agree to hold the organizers harmless for any injuries, or liabilities of any kind.

Children under the age of 18 and pets are welcome IF they are well behaved and do not interrupt play too frequently.

Have a question? Maybe a suggestion? Please feel free to email the organizers.

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Serve the Homeless charity volleyball event

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BIO Tuesday @ 5:30pm @ North Cary Park

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BIO Sunday @ 10:00am @ Green hope

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BIO Tuesday @ 5:30pm @ North Cary Park

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