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MOVING DAY'S ! Please be Vigilant! Dumping a Cat/Dog is a Criminal Offense!
Please report any case of abandoned animals to the SPCA Inspection Immediately during the moving day summer months! Infractions - Article 4 Abandoning an animal without ensuring that someone else will properly care for the animal Anyone who contravenes the Animal Welfare and Safety Act ( or the Regulation respecting the safety and welfare of cats and dogs ( faces fines ranging from a minimum of 1,000$ to a maximum of 62,500$. In the case of a subsequent offence, the offender may also be sentenced to up to 18 months imprisonment Additionally, both the Criminal Code and the Animal Welfare and Safety Act allow for the possibility of prohibiting someone who has been found guilty of mistreating an animal from owning animals in the future.

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What we're about

PetitsPawz is a private non-profit cat refuge, serving cats in need throughout the island of Montreal. All cats waiting for adoption are cared for by foster families. Our organization is entirely run by volunteers and we rely heavily on donations to help pay the veterinary bills, food and other necessities. Other sources of funding come from fundraisers, and adoption fees, which help us to cover some costs.

PetitsPawz is a non-profit organization founded to help cats in need throughout the island of Montreal. Founded for the purpose of providing shelter, veterinary care and finding caring homes for cats in need, PetitsPawz is operated by a group of dedicated volunteers. Our organization’s mission is to provide care and find homes for cats that are homeless, abandoned or abused.

Our mandate:

Veterinary Care

PetitsPawz believes in proactive and preventive care. Upon entering the PetitsPawz system, each cat is taken to the veterinarian for a checkup, and administered necessary treatment. If the cat is old enough, it will receive vaccinations and sterilization, otherwise the treatments will be scheduled for the appropriate time.

Foster Family Network:

Until ready for adoption, cats are placed in loving foster families, who provide them with shelter and love & affection. Foster families are also educated to spot any potential health problems, and help socialize nervous cats.


Once a cat has a clean bill of health and is old enough for adoption, PetitsPawz carefully screens potential adoptive families with the goal of finding the perfect match.

Catch & Release

We also work with feral cats through a catch and release program, as well as feeding feral colonies.

As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on donations. Your donation can contribute greatly to enabling us to help more cats. 100% of the monies are spent on the cats, such as veterinary treatment, food, supplies, etc.

We are looking to meet up with people who would like to volunteer or simply attend our fundraising events.

Call to reserve or offer to volunteer at: 514-575-5627 or Susan at

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