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Sound fork and chime baths for everybody who wants to experience a deep vibrational sonic no touch massage. Come along and sit or lay down and go on a transformational journey of ancestral sounds of the forks and chimes from the Solfeggio frequencies for approx 40 minutes. Working on your electromagnetic field, you may experience deep resonances within your heart and body to transport you in time and space to a deep and relaxing state.
Using specific frequencies the forks and chime can remove stagnant energy blocks, release old traumas through their sonic massage. Emerge after the session feeling uplifted and energised or sometimes with a sense of calmness which can last many days.

My home is my Re-Treat sanctuary now open for group and individual sound sessions in my Sound Shack and as I am based on an old private woodland secluded shooting estate I am able to offer Re-Treat Days. I really look forward to bringing you this unique way of delivering sound fork baths and individual treatments.

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