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Sound fork and chime baths for everybody who wants to experience a deep vibrational sonic no touch massage. Come along and sit or lay down and go on a transformational journey of ancestral sounds of the forks and chimes from the Solfeggio frequencies for approx 40 minutes. Working on your electromagnetic field, you may experience deep resonances within your heart and body to transport you in time and space to a deep and relaxing state.
Using specific frequencies the forks and chime can remove stagnant energy blocks, release old traumas through their sonic massage. Emerge after the session feeling uplifted and energised or sometimes with a sense of calmness which can last many days.

My home is my Re-Treat sanctuary now open for group and individual sound sessions in my Sound Shack and as I am based on an old private woodland secluded shooting estate I am able to offer Re-Treat Days. I really look forward to bringing you this unique way of delivering sound fork baths and individual treatments.

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Summer love of 528Hz, Forks, Chimes For a Sonic Chill Out group Sound bath

Summer is here so why not infuse your mind, body and soul with the Love Solfeggio Frequency of 528 Hz? Working on a cellular level to take you into a a state of sonic bliss, love and reducing your stress levels and releasing endorphins to strengthen the immune system. I will show you the effects of sound infused grown cress compared to cress grown with out the love frequency, its amazing!! Do you want to feel relaxed letting go of stress and even sleeping better? Would you like to hear gentle frequencies that will resonate deeply within you inviting you into a deep state of calmness and releasing tension in your body? I am an intuitive sound fork practitioner and excited to share with all of you the vibrations of these sound forks and chimes which not only will you hear them but feel power of their resonances in different parts of your mind and body. Sound fork therapy is the practice of using vibrational frequencies retune the body as we are all vibrational beings resonating at different frequencies. Illness, stress whether physical, mental or emotional causes people to vibrate at lower frequencies, hence dis-ease. We are also electric, sonic and acoustic beings, our bodies are in motion and we are all in vibration. Sound frequencies work on a cellular level working with several of these electro magnetic systems such as the chakras, meridians, and auric field also know as the biofield which holds information. Sound forks/chimes are used to in effect re- tune and raise your vibrations and is very powerful in releasing and retuning your mind and body. Sound forks can used for a whole range of illnesses, conditions plus offering so many more benefits. Sleep disorders. Soothing and harmonising your emotions. Stress and depression related disorders. Arthritis. Rebalances the emotional and physical Fibromyalgia. Reducing the mental chatter in your head. Digestive problems. Awakening your higher state of consciousness. Migraines, headaches, sinusitis and tinnitus. Wounds, breaks and burns. Balancing all the cells in your body. I will use several different forks and chimes frequencies on their own and together with others. I walk round the room using the vibrational frequencies above and around you and all of you will feel a different vibration from where I stand and have a unique experience. Please bring a mat or something to lay down on,a pillow and blanket.Please dont forget to bring a bottle of water The cost is £15.00 via paypal.me/petrahealing £20 on the door. Sorry but the door will be locked at 1915 to ensure the sound bath is not disturbed so please allow enough time to be here. Booking is preferred to secure you place and if you require further information or a short free consultation please contact via Petra Healing on messenger . Additional information and videos can be seen on my face book page. I will also be taking bookings to see people for a personal 1 to 1 session at White Tara please see me afterwards. I also work with dogs, see Petra Healing face book page and I am taking booking to visit your home to do sound sessions with you and your dog! Please ask for further details. For anybody with a heart complaint please contact me before the event for further information.

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