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A regular venue for technology entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to
- give a cool technology demo
- give an elevator pitch
- listen to a keynote
- see a tutorial
- meet like-minded people
- share ideas
- discuss the hottest trends

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FREE: Customer Acquisition Workshop

Needs a location

Whether you sell product or are trying to gather leads, you need to be able to find new customers, nurture them through the buy cycle, and retain them to create recurring revenue. This workshop will cover the need-to-know metrics to understand how your business is performing, what you can spend to acquire a new customer, what you can do to speed up your sales cycle, and how to keep your customers happy for the long-term

FREE: Pittsburgh Startup Accelerator Panel - everything you wanted to know!

Come out and learn about Pittsburgh's various startup accelerator programs from those who run them! You'll have the opportunity to submit questions in advance for the panel, and plenty of time for Q&A during the session. Key topics include: - who is successful in an accelerator? - what do you look for in applicants? - what's the program like? - what are the best benefits?

FREE: Google Analytics Foundations

Needs a location

Can you identify your best performing channels for acquiring customers? Do you know how to find the pages on your site that perform best? How about measuring ROI of your marketing activities? Learn these tactics and more at our Google Analytics Foundations session! Perfect for beginners or those looking to enhance their knowledge! You'll learn: * What to measure & why, how to identify your conversion metrics, setting up goals * Overview of standard reports in Google Analytics, including how you can customize them to meet the needs of your site & metrics * Custom reports & dashboards, Using Regular Expressions to get more specific information, & Advanced Reporting tips & tricks * Working in Excel using key formulas & pivot tables to garner insights that Google Analytics can't do alone

FREE: How to Be a Sales Champion Panel

Needs a location

We've got a panel of experienced salespeople from across various industries all set to provide you with their expert insights. You'll have the chance to submit questions to this group of sales experts on how to find leads, qualifying them, managing your time, and keeping your motivation going in the face of NO

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