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What we’re about

Critical Thinking - the ability to sort out good information from bad information, myths, scams and magical thinking. We have 8 activities per year (usually 7 lectures, 1 picnic and 1 outdoor excursion) featuring topics about science, paranormal, healthcare and more. PhACT is a 501(c)3 non-profit as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions and membership dues are tax-deductible as per IRS regulations.

PhACT encourages people to think critically about their beliefs and about the validity of the information presented to them. PhACT does not presume to tell people what to think but it does give guidance in how to think. Like Josh Billings, we believe that what hurts you more is not what you don't know but what you know that isn't so. We do not arbitrarily reject anything unexamined. Instead, we encourage the responsible scientific investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims. Our aim is to promote scientific inquiry, media responsibility, critical thinking, and science education.

To carry out these objectives, PhACT: 

• Holds educational meetings and lectures.

• Investigates paranormal and fringe-science claims of local interest.

• Urges the media to adopt high standards of critical thought.

• Encourages needed research by rigorous and impartial inquiry.

Join us.

Membership in PhACT is open to anyone who supports our aims.

The annual membership of $25 helps us to provide high-quality speakers and also to support prizes for critical thinking at local science fairs in the Delaware Valley area.

For more information, please visit our "Join PhACT" page.

Or you can contact PhACT.

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