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Are you looking for a new hobby/Activity? Interested in hunting but dont know where to start? Have a hunting dog that you want to to start training but never been out hunting before?

I welcome everyone to come and chat about how to start and learn the basics of pheasant and/or duck hunting, to see if it is the right fit for you. Hunting is a great activity for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and loves wildlife. Active participation is hunting, contributes to wildlife habitat conservation and preservation for future generations both human and animals alike.

My mission is to show people the fun and experience of being out in nature. To hear and see the sights and sounds one can only experience in the field. I will literally hold your hand from start to finish, you just have to meet me halfway and do a little homework.

Come and ask questions about this hunting, or if you are new to the twin cities and are looking to connect for advice on where and how to hunt in Mn, you are welcomed as well.

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Clay shooting pt 2!

Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club

*Having a shotgun is NOT needed to attend* Let go out, get hands on and comfortable with firearms. We will go at YOUR pace. So please don’t feel discouraged or pressured at this event. I will take my time with each of you to get you comfortable. A reminder to please be respectful of everyone. Cost: $25 for 50 clays $8.50 for 25 shotgun shells $15 for gun rental 🦊 You don’t need to rent a gun, we can all share mine. However if you get comfortable and want to go on your own, you’ll need to rent one. 🥬9am: meet at the main lodge. Sign horse and hunt waiver. Purchase clays and shells, go over basic fire arm safety. 🐱9:45am : go to a shooting station, show you how to use the shooting station, how to handle a shotgun, how load and unload a shotgun. 🐷10:15am : start shooting clays 1 by 1 (at any point you are comfortable on you own, you can break from the group to shoot on your own and meet back up later for lunch) 🐦12:00pm : break for lunch (there is a bar and restaurant in the main lodge) 🐣1:00 continue shooting clays to get more comfortable 🐧2:30 wrap up Please try and be there by 9am. If you are late go ahead and purchase your stuff and sign waiver and meet us at a shooting booth. We will try to keep on track with time as best we can. Again this isn’t something formal, so times may change a bit when we are out in the field. Again you can break from the group or leave when you finished your rounds and comfortable. This itinerary is to give you a general idea of what we will be doing for the day. The goals is to make sure YOU are comfortable with handling and shooting a shotgun so I’ll stay and teach as long as it takes

Time to Gear Up!


Let’s get you geared up and ready for the upcoming season, we will go over necessary clothing for both pheasant and duck hunting. We will also go over different types of shotguns and finding the perfect one for you.

Hunting regulations and Tools


We will start with how to read the D.N.R. regulation book to understand limits and season dates for pheasant and duck hunting. In addition we will look at tools that will help you have a successful hunt and how to use them. MN D.N.R. Website Google maps OnX maps Team E-Bird

Gear check and paracord lanyards

Location visible to members

Meeting will go over check list of the gear we need and potential scouting areas. I’ll bring paracord so everyone can braid their own lanyard. $10 for each paracord. I’ll have a few color options.

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Caribou Coffee

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