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More often than not, women struggle to feel and believe that they are phenomenal. "You are not are not are not enough..." Lies the world tells us growing up or we end up telling ourselves along the way. We keep waiting for 'that' special moment when we would move the mountains and the world would finally acknowledge our presence. "Only then, I will truly feel phenomenal", we tell ourselves. But, is this the best way to live a happy, fulfilling and adventurous life? And what happens when we stumble, fall and feel like giving up? What happens when we suddenly find ourselves alone on this long, winding path?

We need to be fierce. We need to accomplish. We need to feel wild and sexy and all those wonderful things that we really are. We need to believe that we can be who we want to be...And, we need to have a deep rooted belief that we are phenomenal! yes, even on those days when we don't have heart to even get out of the bed.

And, for that, we need to change our attitude and take solid actions. We need to educate and empower ourselves. We need to learn more about the world. We need to be inspired by lives of strong and intelligent women in the history who shaped the course of the world we are living in today. We need to set goals and diligently work towards their realization. We need to voice our thoughts and opinions, loud and clear so that the world responds. We need to nurture our mind, body and spirit. We need to understand how to love ourselves and others around us.

This is certainly not easy, but surely is possible. And we will have a group of friends who will be walk with us on this journey, who will push us to chase our dreams, who will lift us up when we are down, who will teach us new things and also, who will make this journey a lot more fun.

What will we do?
1. Learn about the world: Reading on women's history or books by various authors (we will start with women authors); If you are not that into books, you can certainly watch few videos online :)
2. Think and Discuss: A thought-provoking discussion on a topic per month
3. Plan & Organize: Know about tools & techniques of planning and set concrete goals every month
4. Take action: Motivate and support each other in overcoming challenges and reporting victories
5. Invite positivity & love : Start with accepting and loving yourself; Resource sharing, discussions on balanced and healthy living; Support on how to practice gratitude and positive thinking in everyday life.

Who should join?
It is a great place for women including college students and working professionals to learn, share resources, exchange ideas and start living the life that you love.

When do we meet?
We will meet twice a month in New Delhi. You can also choose to stay connected through a Facebook / WhatsApp group.

So, please join us and embark on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and empowerment :)

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