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Abraham Meetup - 1pm on March 25th - Exton
NOTE LATER TIME: This meetup will start at 1pm. RSVPs WILL OPEN ONE WEEK PRIOR - We're opening the RSVPs on March 17th. VENUE - We'll be meeting in Exton. The location name and street address are visible to members of our meetup group. NO FOOD, NO DRINK (except water) - This is a meeting-only venue. Please, no beverages and no food, although you're welcome to bring your own water. RAVES FOR OUR MEETUPS. Here's what folks are saying about our meetups: "stimulating and renewing" "interesting" "uplifting" "meaningful" FEE - There's a fee of $5 payable to me (Teresa). ABRAHAM PROCESSES MINI-WORKSHOP - We're doing a mini-workshop on processes at our meetups. Scroll down to "What to Expect" for details. WE START ON TIME. It's a good idea to arrive a little earlier to find us and get settled. We start the meetup at 1:00. WE END ON TIME. We finish up at 2:30, then we take a group photo and put the room back in order. You'll be out the door by 2:40 at the latest. LAW OF ATTRACTION - We don't teach Law of Attraction. This meetup is for people who already get it with LoA. If you'd like to learn about Law of Attraction, you'll enjoy reading "Ask and It Is Given" and "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent" by Jerry and Esther Hicks, or visiting their website: http://www.abraham-hi... ( WHAT TO EXPECT in a Processes Mini-Workshop I'LL DO A PROCESS WITH EVERY ATTENDEE: You'll see an example of the process as we go around the table. If it's your first time, others will go first so you can see what to expect. WHAT TO DO YOUR PROCESS ON: Pick contrasting situations that are mild and/or recent. We want something easy enough that we can make progress on it in the short time we'll have together. (If nothing seems "easy" then pick whatever is most recent.) Everyone's process is done openly with the group. Make sure you're willing for others to hear what you're working on. For example, my subject one time was a change in how my city is doing the recycling; I'm very annoyed at the inconvenience that change was causing me. There's contrast (I was definitely annoyed) but this is nothing deeply personal or private. ALL ABE, ALL THE TIME - All of us are probably into related teachings and practices, and it's natural that we bring some of that in. And since it can get hard to know where to draw the line, I just draw the line at Abraham. If it isn't "straight Abe" then I bring things back to Abraham. WHEN A COMMENT CONTRADICTS THE ABRAHAM MATERIAL, I SAY SO. This is the Abraham meetup group. When someone makes a statement that is contrary to what Abraham teaches, I speak up because we're focused on the Abraham material here. If you're the one who makes a statement and I say, "Well, actually, what Abraham says about that is XYZ," -- it's not about you. It's just to keep us 'honest' with the Abraham material. THIS IS A WORKING SESSION - We naturally get to know bits of each other's lives as we discuss how this quote or that one pertains to us. Aside from that, we do not use meetup time for getting to know each other personally. It's natural that people will talk to each other afterward. But our aim is to use the meetup time for "Abe work" and not for socializing. To learn about Law of Attraction, check the website of Jerry and Esther Hicks:

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