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The Philadelphia Amateur Classical Musicians gives non-professional classical musicians a place to meet, socialize, and play music together. All experience levels are welcome. Members should have basic proficiency on their instrument. They should be able to read music and listen to other instruments while playing. The only other requirement is a desire to share your love of classical music with others.

We are a social networking group. Our members are musicians, but we are not a musical ensemble as such. Our purpose is bring people together so they can form their own ensembles.

We meet in Philadelphia or the near suburbs.

Our meetings are open to all members and their guests. Attendees bring instruments, a music stand, and lots of music to play. We usually put together ensembles on the spot, though sometimes they are pre-arranged through the discussion board. Open Meetings are informal and attendance varies, so the music-making is casual and impromptu. The atmosphere is congenial and non-competitive. These meetings are social opportunities as much as music-making events.

We also hold occasional Performance Salons with pre-arranged programs. These are opportunities for members to play for each other.

We sometimes publicize outside events of special interest to classical musicians, such as workshops or playing opportunities. We are not, however, a concert-going group, and do not generally publicize concerts unless there is a playing opportunity, or one of our members is performing.

Upcoming events (1)

January 2022 Play-in on Zoom

Online event

Play solo for other members on Zoom. Any instrument. Pieces can be up to ten minutes long. Join us to perform, or just to listen.

Giacomo: J.S. Bach, Cello Suite #3 in C major, Bourree I and II
David Wilkins and Eric Matusewitch: G.F. Handel, Violin Sonata in F, first movement (recorded)
Robert: Paganini, Violin Sonata #2
Terry: Hindemith, selections from Acht Stucke (Eight Pieces) for Solo Flute
David Tao: Chopin, Sonata #3 in B minor, movements 1 and 2.

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Online: New Year's Eve Gathering

Online event

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