What we're about

anyone who wants to work more on data visualization

There are existing user groups for specific software providers.
They tend to be presentations on behalf of the software company and partners.


There are also meetups for common analytics languages like R and Python.
They are a mix of presentations and hack-a-problem sessions.


This meetup is geared towards people who want to get better at working with data and making data more visually appealing, informative, and insightful to others.
Sometimes this may be infographics, sometimes not.

We've had topics such as Tableau, J3, and R so far, but we're open to anything in the data visualization space.

Upcoming events (1)

May Data Visualization Meetup

MakeOffices at 17th & Market

The Philly Data Visualization meetup is back on May 29th at the MakeOffices space at 1635 Market St, Philadelphia, PA. Our format consists of 1-3 talks on data visualization and all tangentially related subjects (data engineering, tools, presentation techniques, etc.) We're still looking for a second speaker so reach out if you'd like to present. Speakers: Will Chase - R You Ready to Make Charts? Listen to Will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of R for dataviz, giving several examples of what's possible with R and resources to help you get started. He'll give a short introduction to the basic concepts of building graphs in R including aesthetics, geoms, and themes, building examples along the way. https://www.williamrchase.com/ https://twitter.com/W_R_Chase Brian Sloane - Open Source ETL with Singer.io Brian is a product manager at Stitch and a couple years ago they open sourced their data extraction and loading system called Singer. Brian will demonstrate their decoupled approach to data extraction and storage and show you how to reduce the amount of time you spend on data engineering. https://www.singer.io https://twitter.com/briansloane

Past events (5)

March Data Visualization Meetup

100 N 18th St

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