What we're about

The Philadelphia Eco-District is an incubator with a number of initiatives to nurture and catalyze the Green Transition. It endeavors to plant creative seeds to foster regenerative ecological design thinking and practice at the neighborhood scale in the Philadelphia region. It is a grassroots, collaborative, and participatory thinking and doing initiative focused on making our neighborhoods flourish with Net-Positive℠ regenerative design.

In the spirit of the Second Enlightenment, this highly collaborative approach aims to start small, grow dynamically through the multiplier effect connected with the zeitgeist.

This initiative began with a conversation between Christopher Zelov and Tony Guido, Zelov mentioned Spring Garden would be a splendid place for an Eco-District to emerge. This led to The Philadelphia EcoDistrict Oasis, a six month design studio at the University of the Arts, which included contributions from Pliny Fisk, Jay Baldwin, and Tony Brown of the Ecosa Institute for Ecological Design. This led to an undertaking to seed Philadelphia's first Eco-District in the Spring Garden neighborhood of Philadelphia. Currently, there are 12 other Eco-Districts around the Country.

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