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The instructor will answer your questions and give you information about the private English classes for free. If you want a class, the instructor will give you a test for $10 and then you will schedule your class for any day and time you want. The classes are $20 an hour. Please call or text the instructor at[masked] if you have any questions or want more information.

Chapter House Cafe

620 S. 9th St. (between South and Bainbridge Street ) · Philadelphia

What we're about

Philadelphia is a city of many faces. In the last 20 years, the international community here has widened. While walking down the street nowadays, one may hear a myriad of languages being spoken at any given time. Many visitors, residents and students from these amazing countries and cultures are in need of survival English! They need to start speaking English well and right away! That is why we created Philadelphia ESL classes and meetups! We saw the need to provide accessible, affordable, innovative, interactive English instruction and practice to anyone who needs or wants it. Now, the path to English fluency is yours for the taking. Welcome to the group!!

Please see the organizer's (Penni Gould) "profile" for information about her experience and teaching methods.

New Tuesday evening English language practice meetup with native English speakers and English learners. Please RSVP on the website and text Penni at 2673398561 to attend the Thursday evening English language meetup.

Location: Chapter House Café 620 S. 9th St. (9th and Bainbridge)

Price: $5 and a purchase at the cafe

FIRST STEPS FOR REGULAR CLASSES: When you are ready to start class, text or call Penni at 2673398561

FEES: Classes are just $40 for two hours for a private class. Classes can be at any time or day.

The required placement test is $10.

We know you will love these interactive, innovative and fun classes. If by some chance, you change your mind, you will receive a full refund.

BOOKS: Books cost from $2 to $25 on depending on the condition of the book you order. You can order the book gently used, used or new. Students can order the book themselves or ask the instructor to order. Students will be provided with copies of class pages until their book arrives.

TIMES: Class times vary according to availability and the needs of the student.

LOCATIONS: We currently hold class at the "Chapter House Café" located at 620 S. 9th Street (9th and Bainbridge)


1. To Be: Introduction

Personal Information

Meeting People

2. To Be + Location

Subject Pronouns

Classroom Objects

Rooms in the Home

Cities and Nationalities

Places Around Town

3. Present Continuous Tense

Everyday Activities

4. To Be: Short Answers

Possessive Adjectives

Everyday Activities

5. To Be:

Yes/No Answers

Short Answers


Possessive Pronouns

Describing People and Things


6. To Be: Review

Present Continuous Tense: Review

Prepositions of Location

Family Members

Describing Activities and Events

7. Prepositions

There Is/There Are

Singular/Plural: Introduction

Places Around Town

Locating Places

Describing Neighborhoods

Describing Apartments

8. Singular/Plural





Shopping for Clothing

9. Simple Present Tense

Languages and Nationalities

Everyday Activities

10. Simple Present Tense:

Yes/No Questions


Short Answers

Habitual Actions

People’s Interests and Activities

11. Object Pronouns

Simple Present Tense: -s vs. non -s Endings


Adverbs of Frequency

Describing Frequency of Action

Describing People

12. Contrast: Simple Present and Present Continuous Tenses


Feelings and Emotions

Describing Usual and Unusual Activities

13. Can

Have To

Expressing Ability


Looking for a Job

Expressing Obligation



14. Future: Going to

Time Expressions

Want to

Describing Future Plans and Intentions

Expressing Wants

Weather Forecasts

Telling Time

15. Past Tense:

Regular Verbs

Introduction to Irregular Verbs

Past Actions and Activities

Ailments (Getting Sick)

Describing an Event

Making a Doctor’s Appointment

16. Past Tense:

Yes/No Questions

Short Answers


More Irregular Verbs

Time Expressions

Reporting Past Actions and Activities

Giving Reasons

Giving Excuses

17. To Be: Past Tense

Television Commercials

Describing Physical States and Emotions

Telling About the Past

Biographies and Autobiographies


1. Review of Tenses: Simple Present /Present Continuous /Simple Past

2. Future: Going To

Like to

Time Expressions

Indirect Object Pronouns

Describing Present, Past, and Future Actions

Birthdays and Gifts

Telling About Friendships

3. Count/Non-Count Nouns Food Buying Food Being a Guest at Mealtime Describing Food Preferences

Partitives Count/Non-Count Nouns

4. Imperatives

Buying Food Describing Food Eating in a Restaurant Recipes Side by Side Gazette

5. Future Tense: Will

Time Expressions


Telling About the Future




6. Comparatives Should Possessive Pronouns Making Comparisons Advice

Expressing Opinions

Agreement and Disagreement


Describing People, Places, and Things

Shopping in a Department Store Expressing Opinions Side by Side Gazette


7. Imperatives


Getting Around Town

Public Transportation

8. Adverbs

9. Comparative of Adverbs

10. Agent Nouns

11. If-Clauses

Describing Actions

Describing Plans and Intentions

Consequences of Actions

12. Past Continuous Tense

13. Reflexive Pronouns


Describing Ongoing Past Activities


Be Able to

Have Got to

Too + Adjective

Expressing Past and Future Ability Expressing

Past and Future Obligation Giving an Excuse

14. Past Tense Review

Count/Non-Count Noun Review


Must vs. Should

Medical Examinations


1. Review:

Simple Present Tense

Present Continuous Tense

Subject & Object Pronouns

Possessive Adjectives Time Expressions

Describing Habitual and Ongoing Activities

Telling About Likes and Dislikes

Describing Frequency of Actions

Telling About Personal Background and Interests

2. Review:

Simple Past Tense (Regular and Irregular Verbs)

Past Continuous Verbs

Reporting Past Activities


Difficult Experiences

Describing a Trip

3. Review:

Future: Going to

Future: Will

Future Continuous Tense

Time Expressions

Possessive Pronouns

Describing Future Plans and Intentions

Telling About the Future

Expressing Time and Duration

Talking on the Telephone

Plans for the Future

Asking a Favor

4. Present Perfect Tense

Describing Actions That Have Occurred

Describing Actions That Haven’t Occurred Yet

Making Recommendations

Things To Do Where You Live

Making Lists

5. Present Perfect vs. Present Tense

Present Perfect vs. Past Tense


Discussing Duration of Activity

Medical Symptoms and Problems

Career Advancement

Telling About Family Members

6. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Discussing Duration of Activity

Reporting Household Repair Problems

Describing Tasks Accomplished

Reassuring Someone

Describing Experiences

Job Interviews


7. Gerunds


Review: Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous Tenses

Discussing Recreation Preferences

Discussing Things You Dislike Doing


Describing Talents and Skills

Telling About Important Decisions

8. Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Discussing Things People Had Done

Discussing Preparations for Event

Describing Consequences of Being Late

Discussing Feelings

Describing Accomplishments

9. Two-Word Verbs:



Discussing When Things Are Going to Happen

Remembering and Forgetting

Discussing Obligations

Asking for and Giving Advice

School Assignments

Making Plans by Telephone

Talking About Important People in Your Life

Shopping for Clothing

10. Connectors:

And . . . Too

And . . . Either

So, But, Either


Asking for and Giving Reasons

Describing People’s Backgrounds, Interests, and Personalities

Looking for a Job

Referring People to Someone Else

Discussing Opinions

Describing People’s Similarities and Differences

Irregular Verbs


1. Review

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Describing Actions That Have Occurred

Describing Actions That Haven't Occurred Yet Discussing Duration of Activity Discussing Things People Had Done

2. Perfect Modals: Should Have

Might Have May Have Could Have Must Have

Evaluating Peoples Activities/Job

Interviews Expressing Possibility

Making Deductions Expressing Concern About Others Apologizing

Recounting Difficult Situations

Passive Voice Relative Pronouns Discussing Creative Works Describing

Tasks Accomplished Discussing Things

That Have Happened to People Describing

Accomplishments Securing Services Automobile

Repairs Historical Narratives

Discussing Opinions Side by Side Gazette

Embedded Questions

Asking for Information

Indicating Uncertainty

Referring People to Someone Else

Reporting a Crime Reporting a Missing Person


3. Conditional: Present Real (If _____ Will)

4. Present Unreal (If _____ Would)

Hope-Clauses Describing Plans and Intentions Consequences of Actions Discussing Future

Events Expressing Hopes Asking for an Giving Reasons Making



5. Present Unreal Conditional (continued) Wish-Clauses Advice

Expressing Wishes Job Satisfaction

Expressing Ability Asking for and Giving

Reasons Life in Cities and Suburbs

6. Past Unreal Conditional (If _____ Would Have)

Wish-Clauses (continued)

Asking for and Giving Reasons

Making Deductions Discussing Unexpected Events Expressing

Wishes and Hopes Consequences of Actions Rumors

Reported Speech Sequences of Tenses

Reporting What People Have Said Reported Information Expressing

Surprise Indicating Lack of Prior Knowledge

Leaving, Taking, and Conveying

Messages Job Interviews

Asking for and Giving Reasons

Discussing Feelings


Tag Questions Emphatic Sentences

Verifying Expressing Surprise

Reporting Information Congratulating

Initiating topics Expressing Opinions Expressing Agreement

Writing a Personal Letter Writing a Business Memo Performance on the Job

7. Review: Verb Tenses

8. Conditional Gerunds


Expressing Disappointment Calling

Attention to Peoples Actions

Apologizing Giving Reasons Decision-Making Consequences of Actions

Expressing Concern About People Asking for Assistance

LEVEL 5 (Conversation Class)-Will include all points above

Advanced to native level conversations based on real life occurrences, current events, news stories, etc. Individual attention will be paid to learners' "improvement areas".

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