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This group is for anyone either working in or interested in the Ethereum network, Solidity smart contract programming, Dapps, or any other blockchain related tech and/or business ideas. Join us.

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Fantastic Bugs and How to Squash Them; or, The Crimes of Solidity

This talk will cover the many ways the Solidity programming language allows you to shoot yourself in the foot. Topics will include the common mistakes, as well as the deeply insidious idiosyncrasies that can trip up even the most seasoned developer. We will conclude with a brief survey of open-source tools you can use to help you write secure smart contracts. Our Speaker Dr. Sultanik is a security researcher at Trail of Bits, participating in blockchain assessments and open-source tool development. He began his career as a code monkey. Later, he attended university and spent a decade in academia (Drexel University and Johns Hopkins University APL) before settling in cybersecurity R&D. Evan occasionally moonlights as an adjunct professor, teaching courses in artificial intelligence. He’s an editor of and frequent contributor to the offensive security journal Proof of Concept or GTFO. Evan lives here in Philly.

Graham McConnell - How Blockchains are Revolutionizing Private Markets

Please join Philly's own Graham McConnell as he discusses Nth Round which provides an Ethereum-based trading platform to any private company and allows participants to buy and sell private company stock from their mobile phone. Nth Round uses smart contracts to provide an internal stock market to private companies. The solution is SEC-compliant, and provides listing, execution, custody, escrow, and settlement of shares. The platform is secure, immutable, and transparent, and may be used by shareholders 24/7 without phone calls or emails. Nth Round increases the value of company shares by enabling liquidity, and can simplify fundraising as well as corporate governance. Read the whitepaper here: https://www.nthround.com/whitepaper/ Graham McConnell is an entrepreneur with strong passions in finance and technology, especially software development, cyber-security, and blockchain protocols. After stints at TA Instruments and Savana, Inc., Graham joined Relay Network, where he served as product owner, managing priorities for a team of twelve software developers and test engineers. Drawn to finance, Graham then joined AJO Partners ($25B AUM), a top-tier quantitative investment firm, where he oversaw software development. Today Graham runs all aspects of Nth Round operations: from product development, to sales and marketing, to customer support. Discussion will begin at 6:30, please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to sign in. Discussion will end around 8pm to give time for networking following the event Please bring a valid ID to sign in with building security. Food will be served before the event and available afterwards.

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