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Details talk covers Spock (, a developer testing framework brought back from the future to help you write kick-ass Java and Groovy apps. After a quick introduction, you will learn about Spock's approach to state-based, interaction-based, and data-driven testing. After that, we will have fun with some smaller and larger Spock extensions. Along the way, expect to see lots of live examples and comparisons to well-known testing tools like JUnit and EasyMock. You will leave this talk with a deep understanding of why Spock is more Enterprise-ready than any of its competitors. the Speaker:

Peter Niederwieser is a computer language and chocolate addict from Linz, Austria. Having used Java for too long, Peter nowadays prefers to work with more flexible languages like Groovy, Scala, and Clojure. Peter is the creator of Spock and a Groovy committer. In his professional life, Peter helps to make Gradle an even better way to build.

Food available starting at 6:00, presentation starts at 6:30.

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