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Discuss Quantum Computing in all of its aspects. We will have developers, researchers, vendors, and others meeting to discuss Quantum and related topics. Our members range from new-comers and experts in Quantum Computing, Quantum Networks, and all other Quantum * topics. Accordingly, programs range from beginner to expert -- for each event, we will specify the expected knowledge-level of the material for each event so you can attend according to your comfort level. We will have demonstrations of how to write quantum circuits, understand quantum applications, explore quantum theory, and learn about businesses operating in this space -- large and small. We will usually meet at Harrisburg University's Philadelphia (PA, USA) campus site, and occasionally in Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Artifacts of prior events can be found at http://quantum.harrisburg.tech/meetups/

Recordings of some events can be found at the "Harrisburg Quantum" Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC21B-z2u-8b-gudUHodbSTg/videos

Past events (65)

Benchmarking GPU Clusters with the Jülich Universal Quantum Computer Simulator
The Landscape of Academic Literature in Quantum Technologies

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NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK: What we know after 30 days

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Amazon AWS Braket Quantum Computing: Exploring IonQ w/Alex Khan

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