September JavaScript Meetup

This is a past event

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Doors 6:30

Talks 7

Drinks after


Nate Vecchiarelli ( - RJMetrics

AngularJS - A full dive

Nate will be doing a full overview of AngularJS then diving into a demo app, explaining how how he built it and some lessons the team at RJMetrics learned building a larger AngularJS app.

James Wanga ( - Senior Software Developer for Digital Products at HBO

Stories from HBO

James has been building software for 14 years and believes tools like AngularJS finally allow the web client to crash the platform development party it was never invited to. In the past year he's had the distinct privilege of helping HBO reinvent its web presence. Along the way, we've forged tools and discovered patterns kept the tears at bay and help us cross the finish line. It's my pleasure to share the story.

Special Sponsor!

Haydle ( is a special sponsor for this meetup, helping us by bringing James Wanga to town (from NYC) to talk about AngularJS in the wild at HBO and the great things they've come up with along the way. Haydle is a division of Chariot Solutions ( dedicated to making information easier to manage and allowing people to collaborate in the most natural way possible: by asking questions. Check them out! (

We'll head to Han Dynasty for socializing and delicious foods afterwards.

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