September JavaScript meetup

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Doors at 6, 6:30 talks. We'll hang out afterward at Han Dynasty.


Headless Testing Against Real Web Browsers with Xvfb - Mike Ball @clapexcitement (

How can headless, automated tests be run in continuous integration against technologies that require a real GUI web browser? Phantomjs is great, but doesn't support technologies like Google Polymer web-component-tester, NW.js, and Flash. X Virtual Frame Buffer provides an excellent solution towards lightweight, headless testing against real web browsers. In this talk, I'll offer some background on X Virtual Frame Buffer, and demo how to test a Google Polymer web component on a lightweight Ubuntu VM in continuous integration.

A Special React Block! Two talks, both on React.js

A whirlwind intro to React - Chad Ostrowski

Implementing React - Eric Heydenberk

One time slot, two talks, all React! Get an intro, followed by tales from the field.

Future events

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