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Doors at 6, 6:30 talks.

Venue sponsored by Chariot Solutions.

Pizza and soda sponsored by Custom House.

We'll hang out afterward at Han Dynasty.

Standardizing UI's at Scale with Angular - Scott Wallace

A look into how we built a large scale, responsive, internationalized, accessible UI, while avoiding developer pain, using custom directives. The talk will show the problems we face, how we addressed them and an introduction to writing custom Angular directives.

Building a JavaScript Jukebox...Without a Framework! - Zach Feldman @zachfeldman (

Zach Feldman had to build a Jukebox application quickly that would allow potential students to try their hand at some JavaScript coding while picking the next song to play! In this talk, he'll explain how he built the New York Code + Design Academy Jukebox which leverages HTML5 audio, JavaScript, and MP3s. He'll also discuss the lightweight architecture of the application and how it's not always necessary to use a framework to be productive.

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