What we're about

This is a group for any business, professional, subject matter expert with a new opportunity to speak, and blogger interested in live streaming and online platforms using the power and techniques of public speaking to increase their exposure, brand, and revenue.

This group was originally started by Liz Illman to build opportunities through differentiation, and you must get out there. I (Rae-Ann Ruszkowski) took over the group in August 2016, to help take the group to the next level. Currently the Founder of the Emerging Speakers Bureau meetup for speakers to further develop and hone their messages, I also belief that in order to get exposure and opportunity faster, you the Speaker have to create your own brand and promotion.

In order to quickly, and most expansively, you have to get out there is by speaking both online through any of the available platforms AND speaking live. You will also gain more live speaking opportunities the more you are out there, and building communities and followers. Many online opportunities exist, including Periscope, Facebook Live, Livestream/Ustream/Fora, Mevee, Meerkat, BLAB (now defunct) and Snapchat, and let's not forget audio only platforms such as Soundcloud and iTunes. Or, webinars and online classes.

What the Blab issue has exposed with viewers is, like everything, it's about community and tailored content, story telling, in the moment experiences. We help Speakers develop those online skills, and those not as skilled with Speaking to acquire those skills.

This is truly a unique group combining 'digital speaking' and live speaking in order to connect with an audience, and make the most of opportunities.

All levels of public speaking and live streaming are welcome! You can expect to network with other businesses, speakers and social media enthusiasts while learning new tricks and tips of the trade. No matter what your skill, this group is meant to help you bump it up a notch!

We also offer opportunity to practice your speaking, and further hone you messaging and online presentations before you get onstage or before a camera or mic.

On occasion we will bring in special quest speakers with specialized knowledge as the need arises.

Through the power of community, we can create ripples of positive change in the world we live, share everyone's unique talents with an even larger audience and have a rocking good time while we make new connections and friends! Come collaborate, find your voice, learn from others and strengthen your message!

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