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Special Event: The Lawn Chair Philosophy Conference

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Special Event: The Lawn Chair Philosophy Conference


The next event of the Philadelphia Philosophy Group will be something of a special occasion. Instead of focusing on a particular work of philosophy, classic or modern, there will be short presentations of original work by a number of our members.

This event was developed in partnership with Keli Birchfield, adjunct philosophy professor at St Joseph’s university, and her non profit organization, the Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation, which is concerned with providing wider access to philosophical literature and education for the non academic public.

The event will involve 5 to 6 speakers who will take the floor for 5-15 minutes to exposit on a piece of philosophical work they are passionate about. There will then be a discussion running 20-30 minutes long concerning each speakers’ work.

While the final order and number of presenters is still being fully finalized, the current lineup includes:

Keli Birchfield, who will be reading an original philosophical poem.

Dan Dalmonte, who will be exploring the value of faith esp. Viz a viz empirically justified belief.

Zach Tollen, who will be presenting a pictorial slide show entitled "Geometry and Morality", inspired by our own recent discussion of Plato's Gorgias, but mixed in with his own personal imaginative vision.

Jesse Opie, your narrator, who will be speaking on Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline.

Note this event will be on Saturday, August 24th, and will run an extra hour, from 6 PM to 9 PM to accommodate all our speakers.
Good Karma Cafe
928 Pine St · Philadelphia, PA
How to find us

This will be at our usual meeting spot at the backroom of the good karma cafe at 928 pine street. There will be a sign indicating that the philosophy group is meeting there.

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