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Philadelphia, PA

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Feb 9, 2017

Do you promise to keep an open mind and help create constructive discussions that don't degenerate into political bickering?

Yes. I've actually been desperate to find a group of likeminded individuals not bound by partisanship to discuss ideas and put them into action.

List 5 thinkers who have influenced your thinking on political theory, social & cultural issues, economics, foreign policy or other relevant areas:

Noam Chomsky, John Stuart Mill, Bob Dylan, Steven Novella, and Joseph Heller.

If someone asks you what your political orientation is, what do you typically say?

It's kind of a loaded question that requires an in depth view. On the surface, with a one word answer, I'd fall into the liberal/left category. However, there are many factors at play there. I believe that we've spent a generation drifting toward the right or neo-liberalism, so I'm on the left in relative terms, but in absolutes, I'm probably a centrist.

How do you score on the Big Five personality test (if you know)?