What we're about

I went to College to study Audio Production In London England and Graduated Class of 2018.

The BA Hons degree I completed was certainly informative…
…as a songwriter, artist and music producer
I FOUND that it lacked to provide me with the necessary information needed to become a successful music producer in 2019.
In my experience - the information such as modern production techniques, workflows and other knowledge I did learn was ONLY LEARNT WHEN WORKING WITH PRODUCER FRIENDS, MUSICIAN FRIENDS AND CLASSMATES.
Making music on your own can be a real challenge as you never really know if you hit a checkpoint and are moving forward in the right direction or not.
Music production can be ultimately challenging if you do not have got the right tools or people around you that can help you develop your music to a ‘radio ready’ standard needed in today’s music industry.

This meet up will act as a catalyst to:
1. Help you develop your songs by constructive feedback sessions
2. Collaborate and meet new music people (I love music people)
3. Give any advice you may need
4. Help develop skills in production, workflow, engineering (mixing), recording well and tips such as knowing when a song is finished.
5. Create music that is an authentic representation of what you know you are capable of
6. Learn tools such as EQ and Compression, Delay and other FX
7. Work on Song Structure and How To Mimic Modern Structures (Song Breakdowns)
8. Learn from our first hand stories and experiences.

a) You are an producer/musician/songwriter/artist and don't know any local producers to work with.
b) You are a producer/musician/songwriter/artist and have just moved to Philadelphia and don't know many people.
c.) You are producer and want to improve your skills.
d.) You are tired of working with the same people
e.) You are new to music and want to improve your knowledge as fast as humanly possible.
f.) You feel as if you have hit your peak
g.) You want to work with others in a Professional Recording Studio

"Philadelphia Recording Studio Growth Sessions" meetups exist for YOU!!!

We truly believe there is NO END TO HOW GREAT YOU CAN BECOME. ONLY KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVEN’T LEARNED YET. That said, we would love for you to join us for a session if you are passionate about music, want to improve your skills and take music production seriously, come down, make new friends, share your music and enjoy!

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