What we're about

Gambeta Football Club organizes the best recreational soccer games for men and women in the Philadelphia area. Gambeta members are teammates, competitors, and friends. We are a club for players - by players.

To join Gambeta follow the steps below:

1.- Click on the "JOIN US" button to become a member on our meet up group.

2.- RSVP to a game event to try-out and see if you are a good fit for Gambeta.

3.- Please visit us:

WEBSITE: gambetaFC.org (https://www.gambetafc.org/)


YOUTUBE: youtube.com/channel/UCgMB6ragsO2Fz4b5UMBJawA (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgMB6ragsO2Fz4b5UMBJawA)

Email us at GAMBETAFOOTBALLCLUB@GMAIL.COM for additional questions or concerns.

We are located in Philadelphia and play every single week-YEAR LONG. We play at superior locations, use professional equipment and play high quality games with a diverse group of talented players. We aim to maintain a competitive level of playing by retaining experienced players, but we're always looking for new talent.

While we are highly competitive and serious about soccer, Gambeta is also a group of friends. We find time to socialize whether is to grab a bite or a drink.

Our Futbol members average over 20 years of soccer experience and represent from every corner of the world, including: USA, Brazil , France, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Albania,England, Germany, Ireland, Argentina, Italy, Greece.

We are here to spread "Cultura de Futbol!"

In order to maintain a positive atmosphere, we take player safety very seriously. Slide tackling is not allowed and players that endanger the safety of others will be kicked out after one warning.

We try to keep costs at a minimum for members and because of this, we have to be flexible regarding field size and availability. We do everything we can to ensure equal playing time for paying members.

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Summer fútbol

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Summer fútbol

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