Meet & Greet & Learn - Applying Shift Left Test Strategy for Higher Quality


Hello Everyone,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the next meetup after a long break.

Meetup Agenda:

3:00 - 4:00 PM - Meet & Greet; Food & Networking
4:00 - 5:00 PM - Session followed by Q&A

Session Topic: Applying Shift Left Test Strategy for Higher Quality

Join Vanguard’s Shift Left team to learn the shift left test strategy techniques they coach Agile teams. By creating a test automation test strategy teams are enabled to realize outcomes such as higher quality applications, creating faster feedback loops and more confidence making changes to their application. In this talk the Vanguard team will share more details on test strategy checklist which can be applied for brownfield and greenfield apps. They will cover topics such as identifying your team’s system under test, testing techniques, tools, metrics, maintenance and testing in CI/CD pipeline. They will start with interactive activity to see what input you have about challenges you are facing with test automation and then accordingly mould the session.

Let me take a moment to introduce the speakers for the day.

Klaudia Breslavets

Klaudia Breslavets is currently the IT Project Manager and Scrum Master for Vanguard’s Test Transformation Program which impacts more than two hundred delivery teams. Prior to becoming a PM, she was also a release lead, developer, tester, and systems analyst. Klaudia is a culinary enthusiast and spends time traveling when she’s not pursuing her graduate degree and helping her organization shift left.

Allegra Cooper

Allegra Cooper is an Enterprise Automation Engineer at Vanguard, helping drive an enterprise wide change towards continuous delivery. Allegra’s experience on various projects allows her to provide guidance in developing the most appropriate tool and framework for each application. She is passionate about process automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. Allegra has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science, enjoys coaching others in code quality and sustainable automation, to transform the development and testing processes in order to reach an IT organizational transformation.

Andrew Winfield

Andrew Winfield is an Automation Consultant at Vanguard, helping teams move toward continuous delivery. His passion for learning new things has molded him into a poly-skilled individual able to play almost any roll. In the past he wrote automation, developed applications, designed learning material, and taught development courses. Andrew’s experiences enable him to effectively guide teams and individuals into becoming proficient in a continuous delivery environment.

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is a Tech Lead at Vanguard, helping drive Mobile test automation and provide direction on test automation as Vanguard moves towards Cloud. Prior to joining Vanguard. He has worked in various roles including: Scrum master, Tech lead. He is passionate about Technology, likes to keep up with latest trends. He has prior hands on experience with test automation, working with teams on different projects adopt test automation.

Feel free to RSVP to the meetup and also feel free to bring in your friends and colleagues who are passionate about software testing. It will be awesome to meet everyone and catch up in person. Look forward to seeing you at the meetup.

PS: Pizza and soft drinks are on the house. Please feel free to bring in your business cards to exchange.