What we're about

Anyone who follows the daily happenings of technology / business / innovation in Philadelphia knows that it’s fascinating and debate inducing. The constant headlines of change and disruption is enough to leave anyone with more questions than answers.

While it's natural to internalize and apply one's thinking to his/her own interests, experts agree that it's also important to understand a view that is larger than that which transcends our own interests. The Philadelphia Tech MeetUp is an event where we encourage a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and professional service providers, among others, in Philadelphia to learn, think about and have dialogue on technology’s future impact on society. How will driverless cars affect the insurance industry? Is space exploration a needed component to our nation's future? Is there such thing as privacy?

In order to reach an understanding, the Philadelphia Tech MeetUp invites our citie’s foremost experts to tackle these topics. But we also need YOU, to bring your background and point of view. This MeetUp is not meant to answer all the questions and solidify the solutions, rather its purpose is to foster the conversations and facilitate discussions around the topics.

If you're an entrepreneur, tech professional, or anyone genuinely interested how technology will affect society, this MeetUp is an opportunity to listen and learn, exchange ideas and network with liked-minded individuals.

We hope you will join us. Stay tuned for our first monthly meetup happening soon!

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