What we're about

My name's Alexei. I'm a psychotherapist who moved to Philadelphia about two years ago and is in love with this city. I am starting this Society with the following goals:

1. To bring together therapists and counselors of all stripes in the spirit of cheerful friendship and bonhomie, thrilling conversation, mutual upliftment, shared knowledge, exchange of referrals and exchanges of joy.

2. To bring healers of all stripes into deep conversation with the psychotherapeutic community, as well as with each other: yoga instructors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, practitioners of traditional and modern medicine, nurses, psychiatrists – all students and practitioners of the healing arts. Because well-being is holistic, together we can help our communities in a way we never could alone, while having way more fun along the way. :D

In the beginning, we will simply gather, eat, drink and be merry, get to know each other while discussing things that excite and fascinate us. As the group grows, we can offer each other teaching, organize workshops , go on trips, invite speakers – do as we please in the pursuit of a better world for self and other.

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