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New York City Midtown Night Photo Tour - NYC transportation included
This is a paid event - to register go to Shooting in New York City is exciting and there are many great photos to be made! But knowing where to go, how to get around and feeling safe when shooting alone prevents many people from photographing there. I’m solving all of that by providing the transportation, taking people to great locations and working with an assistant who is also a pro photographer. By always having two photographers who know the city, we will be able to get the group close to where we need to be quickly and safely. You will be transported in a 12-passenger Mercedes Sprinter with plenty of room for you and your gear. The photography starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. There are three places where you can join the tour: the Bridgewater, NJ, train station parking lot, Penn Station in New York or Grand Central Terminal. Exact times will be sent after registration. We’ll start by shooting in Central Park around Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain and The Ramble as the sun gets low and blue hour sets in. We’ll get great shots of the city’s tall buildings reflected in the lake as darkness falls and the lights of the city glow. We could spend a day in Central Park but we have many other places to photograph! We then hop back on the waiting Sprinter and go down to Rockefeller Plaza where you can shoot 50 Rock, which is totally illuminated, the colorful lights of Radio City and outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There is always lots going on in this area from street musicians, interesting cart vendors and outrageous store fronts on Fifth Ave. We’ll get back in the Sprinter and head over to Times Square for the magic of brilliant lights and wacky people. Tripods are not allowed in Times Square but it is so bright you won’t really need one! I often shoot with a Platypod and ballhead, which gives me stability in areas that tripods aren’t allowed. When are finished there, you are transported to one of my favorite little known NYC locations for great shots of the Chrysler Building and an overview of 42nd St. From our high East Side vantage point we’ll get streaking car lights shining in a canyon of buildings as we shoot across the island. We wrap up the night inside Grand Central Terminal, photographing the action on the main concourse and also in some fun side areas while viewing the classic architecture. Shooting inside the terminal with a tripod requires a permit that I secured for the group starting at 9 p.m. We will be done shooting for the night at 10 p.m. You will be transported to the great locations so there won’t be a tremendous amount of walking, but you still will need to walk two or three blocks in some locations, especially if there is a traffic logjam. At times it is faster to walk three blocks than drive. If you do want to be dropped off right at the location, the driver will accommodate you but you may have less time at the location. Finding public restrooms in New York is always a challenge but I have planned the evening so we will be near restrooms as often as possible. There will also be an emergency porta potty in the van. It doesn’t matter what level of photographer you are, we’ll be able to help you with settings if you need it to make sure you are getting great shots. Since most of this tour is at night, you’ll want a good stead tripod. Stay away from the cheap travel tripods, they will be shaky and when you look at your photos in your computer you will be disappointed. Even though it seems like more work, always have your tripod with you except in Times Square. You will want to have both wide angle and telephoto lenses with you, so plan on having a small bag or backpack to carry your equipment. Limit of 10 photographers Price Premium/Returning clients: $159 Regular registration: $189 Register and more info:

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