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Wine bars are common in Europe, offering a variety of wines by the glass, carafe, or bottle and food that goes well with wine, usually served on small plates. The atmosphere is casual, and the venues offer an opportunity to eat and to drink wine without committing an entire evening to a conventional dinner. Several wine bars have opened in Philadelphia in recent years, and this group will schedule gatherings for people who would like to get together and enjoy some wine with folks who also are interested in wine.

The meetups will be unstructured, in that everyone who attends will individually order (and individually pay for!) whatever he or she likes, rather than everyone ordering the same things and paying a share of one overall check. We will not be doing formal wine tastings where everyone drinks the same wine at the same time and then discusses each wine in turn; no wine snobbery in this group! We will be going to places where delicious wine is served in pleasant settings that facilitate conversation.

People can come and go as they please, without committing to staying for the entire duration of the meetup. All meetups will be in Philadelphia and will be reasonably proximate to public transportation.

The group will not be responsible for the conduct of anyone who attends a meetup, and everyone is strongly encouraged not to drink so much that driving would be impaired. This group is open to anyone over the age of 21 who likes wine, singles, couples, whomever. It should afford a convivial way in a casual setting to meet others who enjoy wine.

The organizer has participated in wine dinner groups for many years and believes that wine events are a wonderful way to make friends.

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