What we're about

This is a Meetup for anyone interested in receiving and giving feedback about short stories, chapters of novels, etc.. We operate much like a workshop. Everybody (who wants to) brings a piece to read, and group members provide (constructive) feedback.
A group like this can be a great motivational tool to sit down and write when you're not feeling very creative.

Following are a list of rules that attendees will be expected to adhere to as part of this meetup:

- Pieces submitted for critique may not exceed 5,000 words.

- Keep all criticism constructive and, ideally, specific. Meaning, it is best to give concrete reasons for why you like something or why you think something needs to be reworked.

- Arguing, insults, etc will not be tolerated.

- Each critique will be capped at 2 minutes.

- The writer may say a few words about his or her piece before the critique begins, such as particular parts or elements they'd especially like advice on.

- In order to maximize our time together, pieces will not be read aloud. Attendees will be expected to have read the piece and made notes about it before the meeting.

- Pieces to be critiqued must be submitted by the stated deadline in order to give members time to read your work.

- While this group is primarily focused on fiction, poetry and even non-fiction are welcome, so long as they contain elements of the craft of storytelling. In other words, no academic texts, self-help pieces, etc...

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Get advice on your short story or a chapter from your novel. Meet other writers and discuss the craft of writing. Work to be critiqued must be submitted by May 8.

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