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What we’re about

Are you a seeker of adventure? Do you daydream of the great outdoors? Is your soul itching for a wild wilderness immersion experience? Are you longing for crisp mountain air, meandering mountain streams and the sounds of silence? Or do you have a longing to experience outdoor rock climbing and rappelling, or exploring the winter landscape with snowshoes and crampons?

Well, you’ve found the right place to quench your thirst, to satisfy that urge, to expand your comfort zone and to reconnect or deepen your connection with nature and to do it with a diverse community of like-minded people. We offer outdoor rock climbing and rappelling adventures, flat water kayaking tripswinter waterfall exploration hikes, snowshoeing trips, white water rafting trips, and other exciting adventures. We're a group of outdoor adventure enthusiasts who love to explore Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, as well as other out-of-state destinations.

We are so honored to have Valley to Summit, LLC ("VTS") as the sponsor of this Meetup group. VTS is the region's premier outdoor guiding company that facilitates fun, authentic, instructional and recreational outdoor adventure experiences. All meetups are trips that VTS offers to the general public and are generly not exclusive to this meetup group.

They operate mostly in eastern Pennsylvania and facilitate the following adventures:

• guided rock climbing and rappelling trips

• technical climbing instructional courses

• whitewater rafting

• recreational kayaking

• winter waterfall ice hiking

• snowshoeing

VTS is mobile, without a storefront or home base, so they meet clients at the various trip locations. VTS hopes to help bridge the gap between people and nature by making authentic outdoor adventure accessible to all people.

 To learn more about Valley to Summit, be sure to visit them at:


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Phone/Fax: 215-543-6171


Statement from Valley to Summit, LLC:

We have attracted a dedicated group of outdoor professionals to assist and guide us in our journeys. All trip leaders are at least certified in wilderness first aid or as wilderness first responders. We also have guides who are certified by the America Mountain Guiding Association as Single Pitch Rock Instructors and guides with decades of experience in their respective skills. Still others have relevant water-based certifications from the American Canoe Association. And many are either Leave No Trace Master Educators or Trainers. VTS carries insurance and, where required, operates under permits.

Mother Nature gifted our region with a plethora of unique outdoor recreation opportunities. We offer the adventurous soul who is seeking an escape from the daily grind many options to get out there. Our goal is to facilitate fun, informative, inspirational and recreational outdoor adventure experiences.