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PPL Monthly Meetup - At Culture Works 1315 Walnut st
Our regularly scheduled meetup that takes place on the 2nd Friday evening of each month. All members are highly encouraged to attend, as this is where we set direction and make announcements about upcoming activities and classes. The monthly meeting is a great opportunity to catch up on PPL accomplishments and upcoming events ...... PLUS ........ see the work of fellow PPL'ers and / or share your work, get questions answered, network and socialize. This is a current image :

CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Building | 1315 Walnut · Philadelphia

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    Please note that Memberships to support the Photo League can be obtained at this PAYMENT PORTAL (

    PPL Member = $25.00 per year

    PPL Contributor = $50.00 per year ...... discounts and free programs throughout the year

    PPL Benefactor = $100.00 per year ...... significant discounts, free programs

    The Philadelphia Photo League is a cooperative of amateur and professional photographers who have come together around a range of common social and creative causes. The League was founded in July 2012 by a group of Philadelphia area photographers / activists who are committed to social change through the use of documentary photography. Our core mission is to help civic organization drive change through the use of photography.

    Our organization was inspired by the historic New York Photo League which was active from 1936 to 1951 and included among its members some of the most noted American Photographers of the mid-20th century.You can read more about this group here... New York Photo League (

    We pursue our mission by creating a unique environment, where all types of serious photographers, using all types of media, can gather together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration - plus enjoy a sense of community, while fostering positive change in our world.

    We publish frequently on our BLOG, Photo Notes (, so click that link to see the wealth of information. You can also make a donation or become a CONTRIBUTOR or BENEFACTOR of the PPL.


    We are actively seeking members, especially those who are eager to become members of our Leadership Team, in order to actively contribute to it's growth and influence.

    If you are a devotee of documentary or street photography, and committed to social causes, please consider joining today.

    Please Note: We are NOT a "camera club"

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