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Please note that Memberships to support the Photo League can be obtained at this PAYMENT PORTAL (http://philadelphiaphotoleague.tumblr.com/)

PPL Member = $25.00 per year

PPL Contributor = $50.00 per year ...... discounts and free programs throughout the year

PPL Benefactor = $100.00 per year ...... significant discounts, free programs

The Philadelphia Photo League is a cooperative of amateur and professional photographers who have come together around a range of common social and creative causes. The League was founded in July 2012 by a group of Philadelphia area photographers / activists who are committed to social change through the use of documentary photography. Our core mission is to help civic organization drive change through the use of photography.

Our organization was inspired by the historic New York Photo League which was active from 1936 to 1951 and included among its members some of the most noted American Photographers of the mid-20th century.You can read more about this group here... New York Photo League (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photo_League)

We pursue our mission by creating a unique environment, where all types of serious photographers, using all types of media, can gather together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration - plus enjoy a sense of community, while fostering positive change in our world.

We publish frequently on our BLOG, Photo Notes (http://photonotes.philadelphiaphotoleague.com), so click that link to see the wealth of information. You can also make a donation or become a CONTRIBUTOR or BENEFACTOR of the PPL.

MEMBER, CONTRIBUTOR and BENEFACTOR DETAILS are at this PAYMENT PORTAL (http://philadelphiaphotoleague.tumblr.com/) on our Photo Notes BLOG

We are actively seeking members, especially those who are eager to become members of our Leadership Team, in order to actively contribute to it's growth and influence.

If you are a devotee of documentary or street photography, and committed to social causes, please consider joining today.

Please Note: We are NOT a "camera club"

Upcoming events (5+)

Demo day at Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

6825 Norwitch Dr

Another Philly hidden gem. Dr. Simeone is a neurosurgeon and avid car collector. All the cars here competed in races and contain all original parts. https://www.simeonemuseum.org/our-story/how-did-this-all-come-together/ Lots of great info at the website. July 27 will be demo Day where they drive the cars around the parking lot. Featuring the following Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum collection cars: 1928 Auburn 8-88 Boat Tail Speedster 1928 Stutz BB Black Hawk Speedster 1933 Auburn V[masked] Speedster Demo Day events typically stay true to the following schedule: 10:00 – Doors open 11:15 to 11:45 – Scrutineering technical learning session 12:00 to 12:30 – Demo Day discussion, Q and A with Dr. Simeone 12:30 to 1:00 – Driving demonstration with featured automobiles 1:00 to 2:00 – Visitors are able to inspect and photograph Demo Day cars while engaging with Simeone Museum staff and volunteers Click here to order tickets $12, $10 seniors https://www.simeonemuseum.org/event/the-stevens-trophy-american-performance/ No fee by me. This museum is one of the best in the world for race cars. Don't miss it.

PPL Monthly Meetup - At Culture Works 1315 Walnut st

CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

Our regularly scheduled meetup that takes place on the 2nd Friday evening of each month. All members are highly encouraged to attend, as this is where we set direction and make announcements about upcoming activities and classes. The monthly meeting is a great opportunity to catch up on PPL accomplishments and upcoming events ...... PLUS ........ see the work of fellow PPL'ers and / or share your work, get questions answered, network and socialize. This is a current image :

Introduction to Digital Photography

Studio 301


Discover the possibilities of digital imaging in this fun introductory course. Students will learn the basics of digital camera controls and workflow from capture to print output. In-class instructions cover automatic and non-automatic shooting modes, image storage capabilities, file types, menus, exposure, light, shutter effects, and image creation and innovation. Demonstrations and lectures are complemented by a local field trip. Students will then take their field images back to the digital lab, and learn to utilize Adobe Lightroom software to print their images. This is a HANDS ON workshop that will provide students with the knowledge and practice to become comfortable with digital cameras and image processing. Workshop Participants will learn: Digital camera control and manual shooting in RAW. Lightroom Import, Library, Develop and Print Modules. Basic luster prints will be made on a portable Canon printer. Framing and composition will be discussed in class and during the local field trip. Class needs: Students are to bring a Digital camera (Tripod Optional). If you have a laptop with Lightroom installed please bring it along with you BUT this is not required. Prerequisite: No previous knowledge or experience required. Workshop Price : $150.00 - Current Paid Members $75.00 Current paid Contributors / Benefactors FREE

Sometimes BIGGER IS BETTER ! Medium and Large Format Photography Workshop

When it comes to image size bigger is often better in the sense that image tonality takes on a very different quality versus smaller formats. This is as true with digital images as with film photography. So, if you are curious about medium and large format photography you should come to the PPL workshop for a complete HANDS ON introduction. Larger formats, both digital sensors and film, are the camera of choice for many professional photographers. This type of camera offers tremendous flexibility, great image quality and a unique photographic perspective. Famous photographers like Fazal Sheikh, Annie Leibovitz, Diane Arbus and Mary Ellen Mark use the medium format camera as their main photographic tool. Great Photography is still being created with this type of camera. Time : Saturday 10:30am - 5:00pm (plus review / critique on Sunday) INSTRUCTOR : Mike Browna FEE : $450.00 includes 2 days of instruction including use of medium AND large format camera equipment, with film and materials. We even develop the film for you overnight for review and feedback on the second day !!!! (Discount to $350 for Contributors .... Discount to $250 for Benefactors) IMPORTANT: CLICK HERE (http://philadelphiaphotoleague.tumblr.com/) to purchase workshop tickets. Please keep your RSVP up to date to help us with planning and event costs. In the workshop we will teach you all the techniques required to work confidently with medium and large format cameras. We'll explore how various lenses and formats change image impact. Whether a rangefinder, SLR and Waist level is for you ...... and ........ we will cover all operational aspects from film loading and all image formats from 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9, 4x5, 8x10, etc ....... we will even explain what those numbers mean !!!!! :-) Best of all ...... this will be HANDS ON workshop……. we will provide for you all equipment to use during the workshop which includes a medium or large format camera, film and film holder, light meter, etc. We will "hit the road" to a local venue and create images using medium format cameras. You will leave the workshop with the ability to confidently create photographs using this type of camera. WORKSHOP AGENDA : DAY 1 : You will spend time getting an overview of equipment and materials. We will then shoot IN THE STUDIO in the morning ....... during the afternoon we will head outside for some portraiture and streets shooting and architecture. Your work from day 1 will be developed overnight. DAY 2 : We will review your work the following morning with a critique and thoughts on next steps for you to pursue. TOPICS COVERED : • Practical matters for when using a medium or large format camera in the real-world ⁃ Transportation and storage of equipment • Camera selection and lens choices • How to work with roll and sheet film ...... loading the camera, roll film backs and film holders • Darkroom - we'll cover how to process film • Developing and scanning / printing from negatives • Portraiture demonstration using Instant Film • Discussion of equipment, materials, etc ......

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